Big announcement. . . when, Matt????


Matt, Gencon is done with. When do we find out what is going on with our beloved game?

Please give us addicts something usefull in time.
brook said:
Matt has been in Vegas all week hitting the slots. The guy at Gencon was his brother.

Thats slots with an 'o' right, as in slot machines, not slots with a 'u' :roll:
I also check the forum a lot more since finding this thread. I'd like to know what the announcement is...
Guy_LeDouche said:
Wow, Raszack. That was deep. And a perfect quote from the Bard. :D

Who says gaming isn't educational.

Thanks Dude, I like old Will!

Patience is a virtue I always say, I'm sure Matt doesn't want to keep us waiting any more than is needed!
I am waiting to direct new funds into my MI company and bug assilimation force. . . I check 3 time a day.


I saw the nasty 10 mm threat, but I believe in the game and in Matt who said that that is not to happen. . .

To be in SST or not to be- that is the question;
Wheater 'tis nobler in mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of an outragous game company,
or to take arms against against the sea of trouble,
and by playing SST end them?

To roll the die, to sleep-
No more; and by a sleep to say we end this game
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks of disbelief
That wargaming is heir to. 'Tis is a consummation.
Devoutly to be wish'd. To roll the die, to sleep;
To sleep, perchance to dream of SST. Ay, there's the bug.
We seem to have a lot of Englist Lit studetns here :)

Guys, as I said on the SST mailing list, what we want to do is not just tell you what we are up to, but actually _show_ you.

You see, I could let on what is going on, you would nod and think 'hmm, yes, nice idea,' and that would be fine.

But give me a week, maybe ten days or so, and I will be able to actually show you some seriously cool stuff that will have you bouncing off the walls :)

Just a little more patience.
I hope you guys know he wasn't actually at Gencon :p

Either that, or the guy I was taking orders from at Mongoose Towers during Gencon was some kind of cunning stunt double :lol:
Either that, or the guy I was taking orders from at Mongoose Towers during Gencon was some kind of cunning stunt double

My guess is it was an evil clone :D

So is anyone running the book on which exact date the announcement will come? I've got a 5er on Mon 4th :wink:
Typical Mongoose these days. "give us a week. Ten days. Ok maybe two full weeks. Certainly no more than a month. Hold on, we're revamping our idea. Announcement to follow. Anouncement delayed indefinately." :lol:

Instead of immediately complaining, why not give Matt the ten days or so??

You must have no figures left to assemble and paint, no battles left to fight, if you feel the need to instantly complain.

I personally get tired of people complaining all the time!!

Compare to EE where we have waited for more than four years to get a new Eldar Codex and they are still waiting for a real introduction of seventh Edition Fantasy rules, even though the last three editions primary differences were only in Magic rules.

A little patience is a Good Thing. I spend more each month than many spend in longer periods of time and I still have a lengthy purchase list to fill before I will need to add NEW products to my list.

In case you wonder my monthly SST budget is $500.00 USD at the moment and I have purchase lists planned through March next year and will only start purchasing Skinnies in February 2007.

I also help provide miniatures to some local youths (sons and daughters of Ministers) who cannot afford to purchase these figures out of their own allowances. :) :)

Oh, and realize I am probably at least as anxious for the Big Announcement as anyone else. I simply do not regard complaining about it as productive effort.