Best three books to start out with....

IF you were to be able to purchase the Atlantean edition and two other books, what would you suggest for the two other books? This is from more of a GM point of view...


Where or what kind of game/adventures interest you? If seafaring is of any interest then the Pirate Isles is excellent. If you want to run a numbe r of adventures on the Pictish frontier then Across Thunder River. But if your not going to be throwing Picts at your PC's the ATR is not going to be very useful.(Still a good read though)
Road of Kings is a good general book, though some of the feats need to be looked at closely. Shadizar I can't say though I expect it will be very good. ( Mine is due to arrive any day now!) Scrolls of Skelos is handy but in the six months or so that I have been running my campaign it doesn't get used much. But none of my players are sorcerers..maybe if they were it would be good.
Best two books? Hard question!


I agree, Road of kings is the best 2nd book, it will give you a better persective on the hyborian world and a lot of ideas to start your campaign

as far as the 3rd, hmmm, they are more specific, in my opinion across thunder river is the best, but if your campaign is not going to be in that region you wont get as much out of it as if you did,

i would recomend you get the first 2 books and see where your campaign is going, and get the 3rd based on that
also a good idea is to get some R.E. howard stories to get adventure ideas and a better feel for hyboria

toothill man

mine would be the main book followed by thunder river and then pirates which for quality just for me beats skelros but only just. 8)
thanks for all the info, as soon as I get the $$$ I am going to get some of these books. Too bad I didn't have $190 some guy is unloading all of his books on the big "E"


I would definately agree with the second book being Road of Kings. As for the third, I'd choose Scrolls of Skelos. I like the new spells and additional information on magic in the Hyborian age. Also some neat critters in the back.

But, there are several other books that you can't go wrong with, as well! Across T. River is very good, as is Pirate Isles. I haven't purchased the Free Companies yet. I do have Shadizar, and while I think it's a great supplement (despite any map problems), it's more specific in it's practical use (ie, unless you are planning on adventuring in Shadizar, you could probably wait a little while to pick this book up).



After the core rules (Atlantean) I'd say:

Road of Kings - A must have

Across the Thunder River & Pirate Isles - Both books are well written and useful for players and GMs. However both are focused on extreme characters and regions. If you're running a campaign set somewhere other than the Pictish Wilderness or on the seas, than they won't help as much.

The Scrolls of Skelos - Probably your best bet. Useful in any campaign, plus useful for both players and GM's.

You might want to think about the two pdf scenarios, The Black Stones of Kovag Re and The Coming of Hanuman. Kovag is written for starting characters and is adaptable to a variety of locations. Hanuman is set in the Turanian desert and is a little tougher.

I'd say go with Road of Kings and Scrolls of Skelos. If you have a few extra bucks grab one or both of the pdfs.

Hope that helps.


Road of Kings is a great resource with a comprehensive overview of the Hyborian Age.

Scrolls of Skelos will provide you with a much more in-depth view of Sorcery. A Dark Power which plays a constant role in every REH Conan adventure -- key to an adventure and probably the most difficult rules aspect of the Conan system (or one that deviates the most from normal d20)
Well I ordered the main book, Scrolls, Road of Kings, and Companies as well as the two collected Del Rey books so I should be fine (for about two months)......I would love to run a pick up adventure at Origins....