Best season for ships?



I was wondering what you all would consider the best season of the show as far as ship-to-ship battles or detailed shots of ships BESIDES season 4. I already have the season 4 DVD set and would like to pick up another one, but my main interest is in the CGI ships or battle scenes. Also, are there any websites that have good photos or diagrams of the the B5 ships? I've particularly been looking for something that shows all the weapon emplacements on the Nova. Thanks.
season three:

Severed dreams, the best battle of the series, but it is a civil war battle and features mostly Earthforce ships on both sides.


Shadow Dancing, contains ships from many races.

season five also has a few good shots of battles in it, can`t remember the exact episodes though.
We almost never get to see the Nova in combat. The only scene I can think of is the confrontation between the Prometheus and the Grey Council's ship at the beginning of the Earth/Minbari War. There was a Nova present at that encounter, and possibly two (it was unclear as sometimes they showed two Hyperions and a Nova and sometimes they showed two Novas and a Hyperion).

Otherwise, while we see them in a few episodes, they are never in combat.
Rather than a full season, you could always pick up the TV movie 'In the Beginning' on DVD... all the Earthforce (apart from Omegas of course) and Minbari ships you could hope for.

Otherwise, seasons 3, 4 and to a lesser extent 5 are the ones for the ship battles. The CGI for season 1 was nowhere near as advanced as the later seasons, and the space combat tended not to feature much more than Starfury skirmishes until things heated up at the end of season 2.