Behind the claw


Got the excellent behind the claw book, a question about the map- it’s deneb sector on one side but nothing on the other, is the spinward marches meant to be on the other side?
Have a flick through your book (check the covers as they can sometimes 'stick' to the end sheet), and you should find a second map in there.
Nope not there- I have the PDF version so will print it out, if there is a way of getting a spare to me, excellent, if not no problem. I think I have a pre order for spinward marches adventures so you could put it there if you find one
The Spinward Marches is to Spinward of Deneb, and Corridor is to Trailing. Reft Sector is to Rimward [bottom].Corridor and Reft can be found in the Great Rift box set.
You can take a look at the whole of Charted Space by going to
Sorry about that - drop me a line at and we will sort that out for you!
I'm often told that I come across the most arrogant when I'm trying my hardest to be nice. Forgive me if this comes across that way.
I very much appreciate Mongoose being willing to stand behind its products in such a way. I'm a huge RuneQuest fan and the Chaosium-Mongoose relationship was, well, 'strained'. Because of that, I didn't really expect you guys to address the OP's issues but I'm very glad you did.