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We have some coming in JTAS 7-12, including the Ithklur (written by @Geir).
Keeping TAS varied is important, and aliens are cool :)
I'm creating a document at the moment. Several pages (much more than the recommendation) and a new animal trait Suicidal: If the animal’s home/lair is threatened, it will die to protect. (assuming you don't have something similar in another publication)
I've just realised, I was asking if you were in terested in new ones. You thought I was asking if there were new ones coming out. Ha ha ha
A piece of advice. Read over things before you submit them several times to catch those silly annoying errors you don't catch because you read what you think you wrote, rather than what you actually wrote.
Thanks Tom. Whilst a novice at Traveller (returning after 40 years), I have some experience as an author having written "Building the Snowflake Data Cloud" - Apress
What’s the target word count for an article?

Are there any particular themes in demand?
We've generally gone by page count rather than words, the max is generally 3-4 but if it reaches 8-12 we will use it if it's good :)
As for themes - JTAS is varied, so not really. In the most recent books I did a lot of the critters, we had a lot of ships and adventures. It's more dependent on what you want to do, and we balance it from there. And, if we have one to two page gaps that need filling we can always pitch in.

(ETA) That being said, I did work with some JTAS authors on their pieces to edit it for clarity whilst keeping their vision for the piece, so if you go a little over it may be a case of working with someone from Mongoose to trim text :giggle:
You know, I strongly considered submitting something for the last round. If you are still accepting articles, I might try it?