Battlefield Evolution: SNIPERS!


My gaming group and I decided to add some flavor to sniper units in the game. So we came up with some rules that represent more realisticaly the treath of snipers in battle. Try them and tell me what you think about it!



The Battlefield Evolution: Snipers! supplement was made to focus on the actions and effects the Snipers have in combat. This supplement must be used with any Battlefield Evolution rulebook or setting. After the rules section, you will find a scenario witch represent a typical engagement involving sniper teams.


British Infantry Sniper Team
British Paratroopers Sniper Team
British Commando Sniper Team
British Commonwealth Sniper Team
Chindit Sniper Team
German Grenadier Sniper Team
Waffen-SS Sniper Team
German Fallschirmjager Sniper Team
Soviet Infantry Sniper Team
US Infantry Sniper Platoon Team
USMC Sniper Platoon Support Team
Imperial Japanese Army Sniper
Imperial Japanese SNLF Sniper


British SAS Sniper Team
USMC Scout/Sniper Team
US Army Sniper Team
Russian Army Sniper Team
PLA Sniper Team
MEA Sniper


Add +100% points cost to all Sniper units when using these rules.


All Sniper teams have following abilities witch add or replace the original unit abilities from the main rulebooks.

Ambush: This unit may be concealed in an area of terrain outside the enemy's deployment zone before the game begins. Note the location of the unit on a piece of paper. The unit may take one Shoot action per turn without revealing it's presence on the map. If at least one enemy model in the targeted unit survives the Shoot action roll a D6, on a 6+, the Sniper Team is revealed. If an enemy Sniper team is targeted, roll a 4+ on a D6.

Locate Sniper: All Sniper teams are trained to detect enemy snipers as well. This unit may take two consecutive Ready actions to roll a D6. On a 4+, the closest Sniper team within LOS is revealed on the map.

Sniper: The unit gains a +2 bonus to its Damage Dice and counts cover as obscurement when taking a Shoot action against size 1 models.

Stealthy: The key to survival for a sniper is not staying too long at the same place for fear of being detected. This unit may take two consecutive Ready actions to relocate itself within 10'' of its current position, without revaling itself. Write down the new position on a piece of paper.

Suppressive Fire: The unit targeted by a Sniper team is considered Suppressed after the Shoot action. Fearless units ignore this rule.



Rival snipers are tasked to hunt each other down by their respective nations in the ruins of a war ravaged city. This will boost the troops morale and allow them to move safely in the streets.

Briefing: High command has tasked you with eliminating a top priority target: an unidentified number of skillfull enemy snipers who managed to stall two Infantry divisions advance. Your Nation has trust in your abilities, do not disappoint them.
-You may only use Squad or Support Assets, no vehicles are allowed.
-Roll a dice each, the lowest score deploys first and take the first turn.
-The target number for the Locate Sniper ability is 5+ on a D6.

Scenario Rules: The scenario will last for ten turns.

Victory Conditions: Victory points are used in this scenario. Both sides gain +100 bonus Victory Points for each enemy Sniper team destroyed