Battle Report: 08/19/06


This was a 2000pt game. Doug played the Arachnids and I played the MI. It was a Delay Mission for the MI and an Overrun for the Bugs. MI chose Defend and Bugs chose Probe. Battleline!

Arachnids (P3): Brain (Ego War, Enhanced Shield), King Tanker, Tanker, 5 Firefries, 3 Hoppers, 8 Control Bugs, and 20 Warriors (with Carrion). 3 Tunnel Entrances, 1 Nets, and atleast 1 Tunnel Marker.

MI (P2): PAMI LT (FireKing) in Grizzly (2 Firestorms), 5 PAMI (Flamer, Javelin, 3 Moritas), 6 PAMI (Morita w/ Trench Sweepers). PAMI NCO (SICON) in Cougar (Firestorm), 6 PAMI (Flamer, Javelin, 4 Moritas), 6 PAMI (2 Sniper, 4 Moritas). CHAS with Pee Wee Nuke.

Beginning of Game!

Round One
1st Platoon/Alpha targeted the Firefries in the bughole with artillery and killed 3. 2nd Pltn/Bravo fired into the center of the Bug line and killed two Warriors. NCO fires into Warrior line and kills 2. CHAS fires into King Tanker and misses.

Brain emerges and Ego War's 1st/Alpha. Snaps Enhanced Shield up and coordinates with warriors to get them into 1st/A. Warriors charge 1st/A and kill 3 PAMI. Hoppers come in from Nest as reserve and wipe out 2 PAMI from 1st/A. Reserve Tanker comes in from edge and melts 3 PAMI.

Round Two (Nuke'd the Brain!)(Artillery'd a Tanker to mush!)
1st/A's lone Javelin launches a holepunch at Brain, misses completely. He gets eaten on reaction. 1st/B targets the Brain and removes 1 hit on it's shield. CHAS direct fires a Nuke at the Brain and annihilates it's shields, 6 warriors, and the Brain with some dice to spare. 2nd/B and 2nd/A take on the reserve Tanker and wipe it out with concentrated Artillery and Trench Sweepers.

With the Brain dead, the bugs just mill about. The only attack came from the hoppers which took 2 hits off the CHAS.

Round Three
2nd/B concentrates on the warriors who wiped out 1st/A. The CHAS gets retribution on the Hoppers. Everyone else concentrates on the King Tanker. It took a single hit that round. Man, that's one tough nut!

The remaining 2 Firefries jump and take a shot at the CHAS, but miss. Warriors follow 1st/B trying to get some lunch, but a good meal stays just out of reach. The King Tanker moves in for the attach and melts 2 PAMI.

Round Four
The CHAS takes out the remaining Firefries and a couple Control Bugs with it's flamer. 1st/B eliminates the last of Warrior. Everyone else fires/launches/grenades the King Tanker while jumping out of reach. The King Tanker takes another 4 hits. That leaves 3 left.

The King Tanker charges in hoping to get within range of a stream, but to no avail. Lunch stays annoyingly just out of reach.

Round Five
Everyone fires on the King Tanker. It almost survived the round. The CHAS charged it, but was squashed for it's impudence. Retaliate did nothing worthwhile. The NCO in the Cougar got credit for the kill with a direct fire from his Firestorm.

Mobile Infantry Wins! Finally, after 3 or 4 straight losses, the MI have won a battle. Post-Battle analysis credits the game to the Nuking of the Brain and concentrated Artillery.
Excellent battle report, man, and nice pictures. I can just see the King Tanker thrashing around trying to get at stuff whilst all the MI nip in, take their shots at it and then nip back out again.

this weekend is the first time i have had the opportunity to really look through stuff, here, and i am experiencing eye candy and brain candy extravaganza!