CSC2023 BattleDress Modifications (p38)


Banded Mongoose
How difficult is it to remove/add Battle Dress modifications after you have purchased them?

All I found was the page that says they can be changed "in the field, given sufficient technical expertise."

Additionally, can you remove one modification from a slot and the add that same item to another suit if you have the required slots?

How long does it take to reconfigure add or remove items from slots? What difficulty? Which skill?

I am thinking per modification removal or addition it would be Routine 6+ Mechanic/INT 1D6 minutes per slot size of the mod. On failure can reroll taking more time. Success 6+ is done in half the time. Failure by 6 or more and 1D3 damage points to mod with each point costing the original cost of the mod divided by 10 per point and needing a repair roll of average difficulty to fix, possibly needing replacement parts found.

I would say it's different for different Mods. E.g. Active Camoflage is presumably integrated into the armour, and difficult to remove.

A simple bolt-on Mod, such as perhaps Integrated Toolkit, is presumably fairly easily changeable.
I see your point on that, but I would be more prone just for simple game mechanics sake to overlook that possible detail and just the number of slots taken be complexity value.