Babylon 5


Good evening

I recently managed to buy the Traveller version of Babylon 5 done a few years ago. It seems to be a Mongoose publication although cannot find it on the website so am guessing is out of print.

I am starting the process of setting it up to run in Fantasy Grounds using the Traveller FG rule set. It would be great to hear if anyone has tried doing this, and in the process any issues they had and/or any suggestions.


Rikki Tikki Traveller

Cosmic Mongoose
You are right!

Mongoose published a LOT of B5 stuff back in the day, but either lost or gave up the license (sorry don't remember which) after the series ended. A LOT of good material was published.

With the recent announcement by JMS that B5 is getting a reboot on the CW, I would be VERY interested if Mongoose will be getting the license again and updating material with new stuff from the new series.

I would also recommend that the updated B5 stuff get the Traveller treatment as that seems to be their go-forward SciFi system. :)