Babylon 5 Junk Yard

While watching the series I noticed something. A LOT of stuff gets blown up around Babylon 5, ships, cruisers, fighters. When the battle is over and the mess needs to be cleaned up where do all the leftover junk go. Since in B5 universe there is a greater chance for a ship to be a destroyed hulk then just blow up into nothing during a battle, they have to put it all somewhere. Is there a some huge junk yard out in Epsilon sector for all this stuff. Here is a rundown of all the stuff that I can remember that could be in B5 space as junk. If there is some cannon or explanation for all of this I would appreceate hearing it.

Alien ship from "A voice in the Wilderness" destroyed by Draal

3 Omega destroyer from the battle "Severed Dreams"
2 Hyperions Same battle

1 Narn battleship "Now for a Word"

2 Centuri battleships from "Now for a Word" and "The fall of Night"

All the ship destroyed from Third Space movie

If I missed anything, or you got a idea lets hear it.
I imagine each of the various ambassadors reclaim any derelicts from thier own kind, I cant see them allowing any other species to lay claim to them.

Any unusual derelicts I imagine are either claimed by Bab 5 and therefore Earth Dome and likely collected or returned to earth for study and analysis, maybe IPX claims them even.

alternatively maybe the Great Machine from the planet below takes them and recycles them in order to help keep itself running.

Heck it could even be dragged through the jumpgate and set adrift to go floating off beacon on the currents of hyperspace.
Quite a few times in the series we see debris being picked up and dealt with, funniest being the B5 Bear. I doubt they'd set it adrift once collected, either use it as scrap for parts, etc, or send it off into the star or to burn up in EPsilon 3's atmosphere.

Might be a good plot line there. A group starts up a salvage business on B5. They try to recover junk floating in and around B5 to sale for a profit. They end up recovering something they are not suppose to.
I imagine for somewhere like babylon 5 where resources are limited and a certain amount of self sufficiency is called for then salvage would almost certainly happen, especially as having lots of debris floating around the station would be dangerous to incoming ships and the station itself. However in hyperspace or just the vast open tracts of normal space it's probably less of a concern. Assume that most large inhabitated worlds or space stations probably have some sort of salvage operation in place, though it's unlikely anyone is employed full time to just clear debris (though a few people might try to make a living from it).
I'd guess B5 station personnel or an authorised civilian contracotr would be responsible for actually collecting debris. There would probably be an agreement in a civilian contract or a military procedure for any processing of scrap from the debris. Assuming it isn't destroyed.

In Thirdspace you see the yellow Maintenance Furies picking up debris after a battle if I recall correctly.

Plus I seem to remember a mention of what happens to all the crap outside in "A view from the gallery", with the techs moaning about having to clean up after each fight.

I think Bo and MAck were more referring to the internal clean up that they were involved in. but you're right about the yellow 'Furies'.

Thanks for all the feedback, but apart form just little junk that finds its way around the station. Where do the larger whole ships that get reduced to hulks get put? I doubt B5 has the abilities to dismantle an entire burning hulk of a ship. Got a idea let me know.
There could be dismantling yards on the far side of Epsilon3, or they get towed away through the gate by an authorised salvage company for reclamation elsewhere. I mean it's easier to drag a chunk of hull than lots of seperate bits of hull.

Now what actually happens is this ginormus ship comes in after each fight and turns into a giant maid to vacuum up the parts.... :wink:
Probably dropped somewhere 'out of sight' not to polute the Beacon of Light that Babylon 5 is, together with the Sheridan teddybear from season 2 (LOVED the scene where Keffler flew against it, though I wonder how Sheridan managed to throw it out THAT far).
If he put it in an airlock and opened the door, even if he depressurised the lock first, the rotation would throw it out at soeed. After that it's just a case of how long dies it take Keffer to get there.