Babylon 5 advise.


Tigara Attack Cruiser, with Nial Fighters.
Tinashi War Frigate
Leshath Heavy Scout, with Nial Fighters.
2 Torotha Assault Frigate

5 Points of Raid, first time using Minbari. Looking forward to having an all stealth force and having beam weapons that are not bore sighted!
Will be using it on Thursday, if it does well I’ll be using this at the tournamrnt at ID gaming, if it doesn’t do to well I’ll be using my trusty EA fleet at the tournament;

Nova Dreadnought with 4 Starfury Fighters
4 Hyperion Heavy Cruisers with 1 Starfury Fighters each

Any thoughts on these fleets?

Thanks in advance.
Dump the Torotha Assaulted Frigates, they're rubbish (except for their AJP ability :D). Go with another Tigara or Leshath.
You might want to consider changing the scout for another Tigara variant. You don't really need a scout against most other fleets. The Torothas are a bit on the weak side, but great for finishing off damaged ships later in the game.

If you're using the Armageddon stealth rules I'd swap the Tigara for a Teshlan (if variants appear on the lists) otherwise fine. Stealth ships with precise beam weapons hurt. Trust me - I usually play EA. :cry:

Your EA fleet might be short on long-range firepower. I'd consider replacing a Hyperion with a Sagittarius (or two if using the Armageddon lists) and possibly replacing another Hyperion with a second Nova.
Lord David the Denied said:
You already got my advice on GT. Not sure why you keep posting there, there's only the two of us... :?

And Phil... and...erm that's about it.

Maybe I'm trying to get more people involved.

Any way thanks for your advise on GT.