Babylon 5 2nd Edition - Out This Week!

Chernobyl said:
give them time...not to step on anyone's toes but I don't think posting about it every other day will get it done any faster. Its a BIG book.
Yes, but it's already done! It's just a matter of a single menu option! (If they're using InDesign, that is. If they use something else, and have to use the Distiller, that might be two steps. ;))
Mouth of Sauron said:
Easygamer said:
As I stated, once I get a straight answer, I will buy a Ships of the Galaxy, if, and only if, it has all the ships and they are all updated for 2nd edition.

I'm pretty sure msprange once said "Ships of the Galaxy" would include every single 1st edition ship pictured and updated to 2nd ed. rules. Whether or not Mongoose actually lives up to that promise is another thing completely.

What if the ship doesn't have a picture just stats? :)