B5 Pocket Handbook:Based on 1st or 2nd print of Main Book?


Hi everyone,

Like the subject says, will the B5 Pocket Handbook be based on the first printing of the big version or the 2nd printing? Basically will it have the errata sweep up that the 2nd priniting of the big version does.

If so it's a good cheap way to pick up a second printing. If not it doesn't seem as good a purchase (IMHO).

Also, how stripped down will it be with respect to the big version. Will it be a similar comparison to the Pocket Player's Hanbook with respect to WOTC's Player's Handbook?


That's what I'd thought to ronbogard, but I'd like to have it confirmed by the Mongoose bods before I go and shell out for it.


You may not be able to run out of time, but you sure can run out of money.
msprange said:
It will indeed be the second printing.

Thanks Matt

Although knowing me I'll probably buy a second edition big copy and a B5 Pocket Book as well.

Any idea if either of those two books will be for sale at the open day?!

Pretty please!!!

<Trying not to spend much this month!>
msprange said:
The fortmer certainly will be, the Pocket Book, probably not.

Thanks for the info Matt.

Excellent, saves me having to get my FLGSs to make sure their distributors are going to send the second edition out if I order it.

Now the other things i want that are a little harder to get from my FLGS are the S&P binders, Monty Mongoose and the ActA counter sheets and maybe the miniature Fleets sets if I can afford them.

Any word on any of those being there?


I just got THe Mongoose pocket player's Handbook today. So now all I need is the Mongoose Pocket GM's Handbook and the Pocket Babylon 5 Handbook.
msprange said:
Everything but the binders!

Excellent! Now I just need to hope I can afford the prices. Do you offer bulk buyer's discount, say if I buy all 4 fleet sets and some Thunderbolts?!


Here's hoping my wallet can stand the strain. I've already scoped the web for the nearest cash machine to Mongoose Towers :)

msprange said:
Bulk buyers are _always_ catered for :)

Good to hear, now go and have a look at my shopping list on the main Open day thread. Then tell me what discount you'll run me.

<Amid a flurry of posts>