B5 Fleets to sell (now sold)


Hi all,

Not posted here for a while and not played B5 for even longer - never been able to get the guys down my club to be really interested in the game :cry:

Have decided I need to free the money up for other projects so thought I'd post here first to see if there is any interest at all. Failing that, will give eBay a try.

I have two fleets I'd like to sell, namely: -

Earth Alliance: -

1 x Victory Class Destroyer
1 x Omega Class Destroyer
2 x Nova Class Dreadnaughts
5 x Hyperion Class Cruisers
1 x Artemis Class Escort
1 x Sagittarius Class Gunship
2 x Avenger Class Carrier
1 x Olympus Class Gunship
2 x OracleClass Scout
12 bases of Starfury figgters(3 per base)
6 bases of Thunderbolt fighters (3 per base)

Shadow: -

4 x Shadow ships (1 x Ancient & 3 x Young)
6 x Shadow Scouts
2 x Shadow Stalkers
6 bases of Shadow Fighters (5 per base)

I don't want to mess around selling them piecemeal so at this point I'm looking to sell them as separate fleets (or all together if there are any takers).

Will give it a week or so and then its off to the lovely world of ebay.