Atlantean Map


I gather from a past post from Vincent that the Atlantean map and the Road of Kings map are the same, correct?

In the 1st ed, there was an initial map, and then a second map with a few changes (notably, the location of Akbitana from Corinthia to Shem). Any other significant changes?

Then from the second map to the Atlantean map, there are many changes! Cities are moved, Akbitana appears missing, etc. Is the Atlantean map "more" correct? And where should Akbitana be? Any other tidbits to know?
Thanks - so what do you think of all the changes on the map (separate from additions, which are nice) from 1st to Atlantean?
Most of the changes were made at my request (the removal of the mountains in Khauran, for example, to match Howard's text), but I am still trying to get Mongoose to go for other corrections. They did offer a more correct Stygia for me in Stygia - Serpent of the South, but Hyrkania, Pathenia, and the Black Kingdoms are still wrong. Note that some of this is not Mongoose's call - but Conan Properties' call - However, Mongoose has been pretty good about adapting most of my map requests. There are still a few errors left, but I am doing what I can.
VincentDarlage said:
There are still a few errors left, but I am doing what I can.
Keep up the good work. I dream of one day seeing a map that is 100% true to Howard (that might not be possible, but I can dream can't I? :wink: )