Atlantean edition question


Hey all-

Big fan of the Conan RPG... however, is buying the Atlantean edition worth it if I have the original printing? What does it include, other than FAQ and errata? How compatible is it with other Conan books printed since the release of the first printing up till the release of the At. Ed. (in other words, are there major rule changes that would be akin to trying to use a AD&D 2nd edition with the D&D v3 rules?)
I think having the AE version at the gaming table is a definitive bonus...

But not necessary. If you have the FAQ and the latest pdf explaining the changes between the 2 editions, you should be good to go.

I recommend the AE version, but it isn't rquired.

Actually, I've subsequently found out that there are more tweaks between the two than indicated in the PDF. Massive damage has been changes and a number of other crucial bits that make the AE invaluable, IMHO.

I'm definitely getting it ASAP.