I've got just about every Paranoia product ever, from 1st edition onward, and now I've got PXP and Traitor's Manual. I have some questions about the artwork...

1. What was behind the decision to re-draw the 1st edition art panels? Why not use the original panels? (Example: the Tangler artwork, p.81 of 2nd edition, p.171 of XP)

2. Why use Holloway again? His art, which was fine for 1st and 2nd edition, doesn't appear to have changed in 20 years. I was hoping for something a bit more in keeping with the times.

3. Will we be seeing other artists in future products?

If anyone can help with these questions, it would be appreciated.
1. Rights issues. Most people seem to think they look better now anyway.

2. Paranoia is Holloway, Holloway is Paranoia. They might take our punning names, but they will not take the One True Paranoia Artist. (Did you see what happened the LAST time they went with someone else?)

3. No clue.
Anonymous said:
Did you see what happened the LAST time they went with someone else?
Actually, there were some good alternatives and some bad. An example of good would be the art in Alpha Complexities, which I think happens to be absolutely spiffing.

However, it was a proud moment indeed to see Holloway illustrate my mission in Crash Priority. Holloway and PARANOIA, like strawberries and Wimbledon, or Boxing Day and 'The Great Escape'.
Everyone involved in PARANOIA XP is delighted at Jim Holloway's return, and I believe Jim is looking forward to illustrating future PARANOIA supplements. It's possible that scheduling issues may require additional artists to backstop Jim, but I hope he will always be accorded pride of place as the One True PARANOIA Artist.
does anyone know where i can download some cool Paranoia wallpapers,images,and stuff?
i have checked these out.I'm looking for something like TheComputer,or for a computer with something written on the screen.I have a wallpaper with .cdr extension,but i don't know how to open it.
I have a couple of Computer-style images on my site: