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I was trying to get the general picture on how the TAS works, but I'm only finding very old information (or no information). I obviously read whatever is published in DriveThruRPG.

But I still have tons of questions about what you can or cannot do with this license. Things like:
  • Do I keep the rights of my work when published with TAS? Can moongose do anything with my work without my permission?
  • Can I publish stuff in my own setting or does it have to be 3rd Imperium?
  • Do Moongose gets a % of whatever I earn? If so, how much?
  • Can we publish stuff in 1st edition? 2nd edition & 2022/2023 update? Or only the latest release?
Any other limitations that I should need?

I've found the answer to some of this questions but most threads are really old like at least 4-5yo.

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Oh ok, it seems that something is going up regarding this! It was posted some hours after my question.

Great news! I can't post links but it seems that there's a new program Open Content Program in the way.


I have some follow up questions and questions about TAS vs. JTAS. I occasionally see @MongooseMatt soliciting submissions for the Journal of the Travellers' Aide Society, which, as far as I can tell, is not the TAS independent publisher program at DriveThruRPG. Links below.

For the sake of differentiation I will refer to them as DTRPG TAS and Mongoose JTAS

If Hairy Jim wants to publish an adventure he wrote - would it be better off to submit to Mongoose JTAS or self publish it using DTRPG TAS? If Mongoose JTAS rejects the manuscript, can Hairy Jim then publish it on DTRPG TAS?

Does Mongoose ever pick up an adventure that was published on DTRPG TAS for inclusion in a future Mongoose JTAS? (or further development?) Or is Hairy Jim's best adventure forever consigned DTRPG TAS?

I found the below links, including what appears to be style sheets (?) for the DTRPG TAS program, but lack the software to open it.

What I cannot find is submission guidelines for Mongoose or Mongoose JTAS?

Regarding DTRPG TAS revenue, It looks like DTRPG is now collecting 30% of sales for exclusive content, and 35% for non-exclusive content. Which is updated from older posts on this forum which indicated 25% DTRGP & 25% Mongoose. There' no indication on how much Mongoose receives in 2023.

Does Mongoose JTAS pay published contributors?

Maybe there is a FAQ or Sticky Post somewhere that I missed or is so old it's fallen out of sight?

Jan 23, 2023 DTRPG TAS Guidelines

More links.


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TAS and JTAS are two different things - we would happily look at something that has already been published on TAS for inclusion in a future JTAS volume. Simply drop us a line and we will take a look!