[art] Hyborean Gazetteer sneakpeak


Paul gave me permission to post this here and on a couple of other forums.

So, give a big thanks to Paul for granting permission.
The illo is King Conan of Aquilonia, battered but still standing after the battle.

Maybe its the difference in monitors, but on mine the blood shows up as a combination of reds and dark browns.
blacksagelobo said:
Cool pic but what the deal with the black blood? I thought we were beyond that '50's censorship.

My intent was dark, red. On my monitor, like Mythos's, its a dark red. I wasn't trying to stick to 50's Comic Code or anything.
It comes out dark red on my monitor - and it looks good. To say I am impressed understates the feeling I get when I look at this art.
Very nice! I especially like the shady guy in the background who is either impaling some poor sucker on the ground, or is himself impaled. :wink:
I like it. I would prefer a darker shade of black for the hair but it is King Conan and perhaps his hair is starting to gray a bit.
On my monitor the blood on the sword has the dried blood rust colour, but the spatter on the tunic and else where it is red. Besides what's to say he hasn't just put the smackdown on some creature? :lol:
..and thats me :twisted:

Sorry, i dont like it abit. To colorish and cartoonish for my taste..
I might point out that i thought the cover sucked big time too. A title of this
magnitude deservers better.
Raw, unpolished and in-ur-facelike art is, IMHO, conan.

Here is an example:
Big up for Justin Sweet
I like it alot and look forward too seeing the rest well done.must amit the blood looks very dark but with conans track record who says the foe he destroyed was human?
toothill man said:
visted storns website and it is awsome but on the client list mongoose is not listed?

Lol! Because I just got Mongoose as a client some 15 days ago. Haven't updated my website in, well.. probably 3 or 4 months. I hate updating my website.
Although I know I could never do better, the artwork you've posted I'm not a fan of. Conan, to me, is always enhanced by darkness, lots of ink and shadow (something I'm not typically a fan of). I particularly enjoy B&W images of the Cimmerian.

In this most recent image, for example, the frame is backlit by a full moon. And although a full mooon certainly does provide enough light to show the detail that you've included, a full moon so low in the sky would create far more shadow than is included (such the foremost building).

The lack of shadow causes the image to lose the intensity and grittiness that I attribute to Conan and makes it appear cartoony.