Art Development


Coming up with great, evocative art is a major part of creating almost any tabletop role playing game. When you’re able to work with an artist who is very much in tune with the required genre, the results can be stupefying.

‘I have been working with Mongoose Publishing for the last couple of years on their Traveller RPG,’ artist Mark Graham says, ‘so as soon as I found out about the project, I couldn’t wait to get involved, as we would be combining my two favourite themes (Viking and cyberpunk).’

If an artist is that dedicated, it’s often a good idea to give him a lot of leeway. ‘I was allowed to freely come up with my own ideas, as long as I stuck to the cyberpunk/Viking theme and as long that both myself and the art director – as well as the writers – were happy with the ideas,’ Mark continues.

We’ll have a lot more artwork to show you over the next few weeks, so make sure to keep following us and back the Shield Maidens Kickstarter, which is launching on the 1st of April!