Would you buy a pack of new arm poses? 16 Arms for 4.99?

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Please consider making a set of differing arm poses soon.

It would be very nice to have some extra choices, perhaps sell them in packs and add them to the new boxes.

Four or five new poses would really help us model makers, sawing and pining arms is a bit time consuming.

Thanks for listening,

why ?

no need to if you use snipers and make a little insision in the inside elbow you can get naer any pose you like.
I would even think offering weapons-only sprues would be a good idea. Would allow you to equip your models in the way you see fit without being limited to the 1-2 javelins, flamers, etc you get per box...
i agree with Games, weapons would be really nice...... arms would be even nicer, i could convert all my I-guard into MI :D
Personally, I am fine with the arms. Then again, I am a gamer not a model maker! :p

I can understand about the weapon sprues, but I think that right now Mongoose has enough on their plates getting the various lines out without us demanding that they sell bits too.