Hi there guys. I would really appreciate your help here as im really confused over Armour.
Im trying to create a Warmeck in the chapter 'Warmeck Construction in the 2089 core rulebook. (p196)
I dont understand the armour tonnage. It states that armour will take up mass within a mechs total payload but what is the mass of armour? Also in the maximum armour tonnage table is it the figure before the points. IE a line of the armour tonnage table would read:
Chassis Mass Head Torso Left Arm Right Arm
50 1(26/15) Unlimited 1.5(39/22) 1.5(39/22)

LEft Leg Right Leg
2(52/30) 2(52/30)

So I guess I go back to where i chose the chassis size so if I chose the chassis as mass 50 then I would look at the line in the armour tonnage which reads chassis mass 50 . This is the line that I need. BUt take a look at the head? WHat does the 1 stand for before the composite/steel points and what is the mass that it is supposed to take up. I guess im either thick or stupid cos I have spent hours trying to figure this out. I mean in the Warmecks chapter you can buy armour in fractions but how is this calculated. i mean how would you calculate 3.9 tons of armour for a mech? WHat is 1 ton of armour??????
Would really appreciate your help on this guys as im stuck without it. Can you get back to me. Great books by the way (if I could just solve this problem)
Thanks a lot and Kind Regards
Trevor Stanton
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Lane Shutt

Table 9-5 Mek Armor ( p197) lists the armor rating per ton of armor for various size Meks.

Thus a Medium mek (50 ton chassis) would get 26 points for one ton of composite or 15 points of steel armor.

Table 9-4 Max Armor tonnage which you referred to gives the max mass of armor allowable in each location. So a 50 ton chassis leg could have 1.5 tons of armor on it, this would provide 39 points composite or 22 points steel. The entry 1.5 (39/22) is Tons (comp/ steel). There is no limit on torso armor except the meks payload.

Purchasing armor in fractions means you buy part of a ton.

Say you want 30 points of armor on the legs of the med (50T) mek.
You would need to use composite armor (more expensive) because it is higher than the limit for steel. Divide 30 (desired) by 26 (per ton) and you get 1.154 tons of composite armor.

You can also work the other way. You are using steel armor, the design is almost done and have 1.8 tons of payload left, wanting to add this as armor to the torso. Multiply mass by points per ton gives points armor, 1.8 t x 15 pts/ t = 27 points armor added.



Nice one!!! Thanks a lot for that - you explained it well
Much appreciated. Now i can create some mechs!!!
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