Armor Protection clarification


In the Central Supply Catalogue I want to understand how the protections ratings are related to Kinetic(Slug), Fire, Laser, Energy(Plasma).
Some armour just has a single number of protection while others designate various protections against different types of weapons.
I had always thought that if it was a single number, then it was just for Slug kinetic damage and if it mentioned laser then it worked for sloughing off laser damage as well.
Pg. 19) Boarding Vacc Suit has a protection of +11 or +13. I was assuming it was rated for slug protection only.
Pg. 20) Ceramic Combat armour has a protection of +12 (+18 vs. fire, laser, energy). This one obviously has designations of protection per type.
Pg. 11) Ceramic Carapace armour has a single number of +10 with no designation...thus I would think only slug. However text description talks about it protecting against fire, lasers and energy as well.

Someone stated that the CSC armour, that a single number handles all types of damage, while specified numbers for types show limitations for certain types of damage.

I find it all confusing at this point. Obviously I would love to house rule some sense for my game table, but since COVID I have been running games on Fantasy Grounds Unity...and it's current software logic runs as if a single number of protections is equal across all types of weapons, while defined protection numbers are applied to their specific damage soaks.

Obviously I have to work with what algorythims FGU is applying, but that makes every armour piece protective against laser attacks as well...kind of ups the game on firepower/armour scenes.

All I want from this thread is that if I was at a table with paper and pencil and the CSC book, how do I determine what armour is protectant of what types of damage. That way I can explain to the players how it would have been.


Cosmic Mongoose
By default armour applies to all damage types.

Mongoose believes in simplicity:
MgT2 Core said:
Armour reduces the damage sustained in an attack by the value of its Armour score. An attack with an Effect of 6 or more always inflicts at least one point of damage, regardless of the actual damage rolled for or the Armour score.

Old School

Laser is only mentioned if extra protection is provided against laser weapons. The base value protects against all forms of attack.