Are YOU going to Dragon Con 2004?

Are you going to DC 2004 in Atlanta, GA?

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  • Yes, Dressed like my faverite Mongoose RPG charecter!

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  • No, not going, I suck, I wish I could go, but I can't, I should just join the circus, so chubby kids

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I would like to get an idea, so that maybe we can get a fanbooth up or something for mongoose games....

Just a thought!

Just a loyal supporter of the games I love... good thing they don't do any sports games!
No, but was thinking about it possibly for 2005 or 2006. How receptive are the attendees to RPG companies??? As in not one of the big ones but a start up?
That is because I cannot leave my job. nd my job is in Greece. And Greece is a bit far away from Atlanta. But what the heck. We' ve got the Olympics in a sunny 8) and hot :oops: August

Invitation to everyone


Thanks for the hosting guys.
Not going, wish I was.

It's only about four hours away but doubt I could get the weekend off.
Not to mention all the other things to do in Hot-lanta.
Sept 3rd-6th in Atlanta, GA, USA

heres a link to their website:

Hope this helps!

Crap! After all that searching, I forgot something witty to say.....