Do u think fiends are to powerful

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ok now i have been playing this game for 4 or 5 game session i have been playing a fiend

so i am a large fiend now if i am doing this right a 1d8 claw goes to a 2d6 claw for becomeing large if i use iron claw they become 3d6 let me know if i am wrong

so fiends can fly pretty good d10 hp no secondary attack but
cause do hell fire bombs
( i used my choice mutation to take a secondard breed mutation i can do that right)
so i am a large fiend that can use hellfire bomb for 1d20 + 7 craft hell fire
and i can claw for 3d6

now i personal think the hellfire bomb is way powerful but its kool
so his arguement
a hulk get two attack 1d8 1d10 cant fly doenst really have a powerful think like the hell fire bomb only gets 2 more hp more
and he pretty much said that all compared to all the other demon they are more powerful or unblanced
so he keep saying that fiends are way to powerful

so can i get some one opinion
One of the mitigating factors should be iliaster. How common is it?
Hellfire bomb costs iliaster where as the Hulks natural abilities do not.

Due to the random nature of mutations, you will find that all mutations are not created equal nor were they intended to be.
Since I'm running the campaign I just thought I'd toss my two cents in.....

The question of "Who's the most powerful" has been one I've heard in every role-playing-type of game I've played in the last 30 years. It was particularly bad in games like Everquest but not so bad in Star Wars (but still there).

My opinion of the entire question "_______ is the most powerful class..." is "It's not the Indian, its the arrow"*

Meaning, a well player character will probably do well, regardless of his class, while a poorly played character will probably not do well.

So, I voted No.



* My apologies to anyone who takes PC offense at this.
All the demon breeds in infernum are supposed to be unbalanced in one field or another. Hulks rule in melee combat; succubi at seduction and misdirection; decievers at possession and so on.

A fiend in the air, using fly-by attack and hellfire bombs is in its element. It's doing what it was bred to do. So, its foes need to attack its weaknesses - like that really poor fortitude save (disease attacks), or Will save (spells)...