Just ordered this off of but I can't find any decent reviews on it. Has anyone ordered this book, is it good? Does it have any good maps or adventure hooks? How's the detail?



Banded Mongoose
I thought it was excellent. The best d20 overview of a feudal middle-ages style country. Very useful for a Hyboria campaign but easily mined for general RPG use as well. I've used it extensively in conjunction with Western Europe: A Magical Medieval Society for my Kalamar campaign (which I run using the Conan RPG rather than D&D).

Sections on provinces and how "average" characters could be built with respect to skill selection, Codes of Honor, classes, etc. Sections on government, military structure, prominent NPCs, a substantial gazeteer on the country itself and sample (non-named) NPCs. I'd consider it a must-have for a campaign set in Aquilonia and it dovetails nicely with Across the Thunder River (which I ordered immediately after reading Aquilonia).

Great stuff.


Yogah of Yag

Aquilonia was superb. Chock full of fluff and crunch to satisfy any appetite. Good mediaeval feel, NPC stats, adventure ideas, campaign hooks. Pretty sweet! 8)


Aquilonia is a great sourcebook- been using it extensively in my campaign for the past 6 months :lol: