Apocalypse Z (new BE add on) terrain and figures (pictures)


This is for the soon to be released Apocalypse Z expansion for Battlefield evolution!!

I ran into this game at this year's gen con. I am new to the Battlefield evolution game system and also picked up World at War. I consider myself lucky that I got my hands on this pre release expansion.

It did not cost me much money to produce everything you see in the pictures below.

1. A friend (who does not even play these games) painted a 4 X 6 plywood board in apocalyptic grey burned out city motif. (he is a talented painter ...obviously)

2. Another friend (thanks Fred!) downloaded images from buildings used for terrain building on the internet and used boxes and glue to create most of the buildings , he is very creative (he did the Q-bert arcade machine laying in the street in front of the video store as well!).

3. I used hero clix figures that no one wanted (if you do not know what hero clix is do a simple Google search) these figures can be obtained from eBay for as low as 25 cents each and many could be used as is. I also used zombie figures from reaper miniatures that already come painted. I just added gore and blood and used hero clix bases.

4. I used a $20 worth of paints and glue to repaint the figures, glue on weapons, paint bases etc. The paints I used where: Undercoat black, gunmetal silver, gore red, bright red, camo green, brown, rotting flesh, flesh, blue....that's it.

5. Purchased 1:43 scale and 1:36 scale cars from toys r us.

6.Used terrain I had laying around from other miniature games trees, barrels, debris etc. Games such as 40K. Gunshot, WW2 minis and of course hero clix which formed the base for most of the stuff you see .

Setting: it's about a month after the Zombie apocalypse has started and a few survivors have banded together and are almost out of food. Low on gas and ammunition (and hospital supplies as well) they have decided to raid the out skirts of the city in hopes of finding what they need. The campaign will feature rescue and search missions and any survivors will gain experience.

The city of Hyattsburg Pop 910 (yes it's a nod to the Novel Plague of the Dead)
These are actual recon photo views that I will use in the campaign. Hopefully the survivors (my game group) will plan wisely when I send these via email.The city was shelled by the National Guard before they were over run.



these supplies came with the jeep you see in the pictures . it is form the universal soldier line that can be purchased at toys r us. Everything the survivors can find hidden in the city is pictured below, gas, ammunition, food, hospital supplies, weapons, communication devices (is there anyone left alive???) can all be found.


Zombies burst forth! Everyone familiar with hero clix will notice the figures that have been transformed into zombies. Amazing what a small cutting tool and paint can do. Snip and arm, add rotting flesh paint red, both gore and bright and viola! shambling zombies ready to feast!


taking over main street!


Survivors! I added swords (from other figures) created sledge hammer from bits and so you have: Carlos the bar owner , Sean the body builder , Steve the bank executive and Lila the local bar fly all armed and ready to make a last stand!


more survivors! Added claw hammers, baseball bats and a sword (T-Bone the gang banger was as is and perfect all I had to do was paint the base black). Here you have Phyllis the electric company worker with a claw hammer , Felicia the student with an aluminum baseball bat , Dr Mossberg the local Dentist (armed with a sword from his ancient katana collection) and T-Bone the leader (and last survivor) of the now zombified regional Hell's Angels chapter (his bike ran out of gas and Hyattsburg is where he ended up) . Hero clix fans will notice the work that went into the mods.


Survivor! Joel the gun shop owner on a roof stop ...he still has ammo and food (well food for least for 2 more days) . This is a Shield agent heroclix figure totally repainted.

Other figures that can be used as watchers infantry or SWAT for Apocalypse Z , they came as is and only had to paint the bases black (heroclix).


Jill and Jennifer (former bank tellers who picked up weapons from the dead bank guards) beat back the undead in a ruined building.


Survivors! The last cops on earth trying to siphon gas from that sportscar! (well at least the last ones near Hyattsburg) Heroclix fans will notice a a total transformation of Bullseye. I added a new head and repainted the figure, a cop half dressed with a sub machine gun and big machete.


I will have more pics on Zombie Abominations, Watchers special forces and Zombie Cleansers for Apocalypse Z.
Hope you enjoyed the post!
Pretty cool.

Also of note to those wishing to play a "Zombie" evo game, there is another game out there which sells a bag of 100 Zombies which are 25mm. They come in 3 varieties, grey plastic, glow in the dark plastic, and Zombie Babes, lol. The bags MSRP is $9.99 US. Very affordable.

I've yet to purchase any of them, as I've had several other projects on my plate of late.

I plan on buying them near the end of this month and giving them a go next month, as October just seems the perfect month to go Zombie! 8)
Thanks for the replies!

somehow forgot to post this one earlier:

Here are Zombie Soldiers (national guard) heroclix modded

Well done lad, well done. Two questions: what scale are the cars(Hot Wheels?) and why the grid pattern? I don't remember BF:Evo using grid movement..
Sgt. Brassones said:
Well done lad, well done. Two questions: what scale are the cars(Hot Wheels?) and why the grid pattern? I don't remember BF:Evo using grid movement..

Thanks for the feedback!

The scale is 1:43 and 1:36

The grid is for other games such as heor clix but the artist blended it so nice it might as well be part of the scenery.
Good stuff :)

You know, I looked at the gridded surfaces and had a sudden flashback to "Car Wars" :D
Well we played our first scenario of the campaign.

The name's I refer to are the hero names of the charcaters and not my game group's real names .

I have a group of 5 players each controlling their own little group of 3 survivors (there is a lot of back story written and there are some role-playing elements). We will be playing once a month for several months as the campaign unfolds. We are play testing all sorts of hero rules to include with Apocalypse Z (not official).

This was s search , rescue , forage scenario with survival being the number one priority. The players chose their deployment zones and their general plan. One player did not participate in the game (the group with the Hell's Angel gang leader T-Bone and his thugs). He deemed it too dangerous and decided to stay back and keep watch at the farmhouse where the survivors have been hiding out (this was written into the campaign and that player actually did not join the first game session).

The survivor's plan was to keep most of the group together and establish a fire zone over looking main street. Frank Tower's group (SWAT , Rookie Cop, and motor cycle policeman) were tasked with getting on the roof of the office building (using the ladder on the building) and establishing a fire zone . Sean's group (construction worker, Aerobics instructor, electrical company repair technician ) and Lila's groups (dentist and comic book store clerk) also deployed in that area and were going to search the ruins of the building under construction as well as the small shops that lined the street.

Carlos Romero's group (The ex marine bar owner with the former bank teller and investment banker) , decided to deploy away from everyone else and use their silent movement trait (taught to them by Carlos) to sneak into town. It worked like a charm and he was able to penetrate half way down the block without incident and even though they heard blood curdling screams and gun fire the group maintained their cool and were able to siphon gas from two park cars. As they went to explore the bank, a former bank teller burst forth and almost made Steve (the investment banker) its lunch. Carlos dispatched the creature with his .44 magnum at point blank range.

Meanwhile the main group was attacked by former construction workers looking for flesh. The battled their way down the back alleys as more more and zombies became attracted to the gun fire. A desperate battle took place where one of the survivors was tragically lost and killed.

Sean's group found ammo (on a guardsman) and Lila's group was in the battle from start to finish and suffered the only casualty.

Frank Towers (former SWAT) had the most kills with his MP5 from the roof top (8 head shot kills). All survivors earned campaign points and most of them survived to fight another day. Enjoy the pics.

As the survivors approach the outskirts they hear gunfire followed by screams. It seems some national guardsman were making a last stand. Zombies feast on the guardsmen.



Former construction workers now turned zombie rise out of the half built building .


The cops establish a fire base on the roof as Billy (the rookie) dispatches two zombies but still can't make it to the ladder.


The first close combat takes place. Phyllis goes hand to hand with a zombie and comes out on top (that claw hammer came in handy)> Sean watches closely ready to use his sledgehammer (D10+1).


As the survivors make their way up the back alley , Zombies have become very interested in all the noise and are now closing in.


Melissa Colbert the former aerobics instructor , with her .357 and her "quick" hero trait (that adds +1 to movement) acts as rear guard for the group.


Dr. Mossberg turns around as a zombie catches up to him and bites him on the shoulder. Too late for Mossberg he goes down fighting and takes the zombie with him. Dr. Mossberg did not rise again as the zombies closed in and devoured him in minutes (we actually developed a game rule for how many zombies might stay on the body to feast). Tragically ,the first survivor is lost in the campaign.


Steve holding the two gas cans fights off a zombie as Carlos closes in with a killing head shot.


Billy gets up on the roof and a short time later gets surprised by a zombie that was able to climb the ladder (very slowly) behind him , the zombie was dispatched and the cops suffered no casualties.


Lila and Felicia attempt to start the Jeep but have no luck, they did find a back pack full of general supplies including food.

Frank's team finds ammo on the dead guards body.