Anyone interested in playing OGL Horror (and more) online?


I'm considering running an OGL Horror game over IRC (or possibly OpenRPG) on Sundays... The game would be around 7-9pm GMT. Would anyone here be interested if this goes ahead?

Alternatively, it might turn into an "Online Mongoose Game Night", rotating between various Mongoose products :)
I would be intrested possibly if there were enough players for a good group.

I'm in the USA on Central time I think that GMT-6 and Sunday is good for me.

I have the books and am willing to do Just horror or even the switch from game to game as long as the stories are cool.

Let me know.

David Broussard
Continuing my thoughts here... maybe rotating GM (for anyone who wants to, that is) as well as game... whether they'd like to run something of their own devising or playtesting things I'm writing for S&P.
Anything come of this idea?
I'd be happy to host the games for free at my site. I have forums and chat rooms (with dice roller) for people to use.

I'm just getting round to the starting forum games on the site because I would love to do a Conan game but although there are players about we can never seem to arrange suitable session dates :(

Let me know if you're interested still. I like the idea of rotating Mongoose gaming :)
That could be fun, if you got the right people together and how would this take place... where would this take place. In the forum or what?
So it'll be about six my time but I just don't know where to go? I like the idea of an on-line gaming world... and the fact of it being horror, just makes it that much cooler.
The game would take place on an IRC server, most likely... although having said that, the message board-based B5 game is working well - and would allow people in all kinds of time zones to play...

Any thoughts on preference between live or message board gaming? :)
I have an idea that message board playing, would make for some, more or loess, well considered replies, whereas "live" playing might end up as more of a chatroom in the end. And there is the whole time zone thing to consider.
But why not try both and see what works?
I am running an OGL Wild West and Conan message board games.

Just look for my handle in the GM listing too see my two games.

Got room in the OGL Wild West game for another player or two.

I've also run many games on OpenRPG and am pondering doing something again there.
So if you choose a message board wouldn't that allow those who can't proticipate on a given night the chance to get in and play also? But if we decide to play live then how would that happen?

I'm new at this whole crazy ordeal...
Okay, have got this pretty much sorted out now :)

It's going to be message-board based, the setting will have a sorta Delta Greenesque feel to it but is a new, unique setting.

I've got two people signed up already, so anyone else who wants to join please email me (use the email button below)