Any word on the Shadizar map?

YEEAAAAAHHHH! Not the map, but I FINALLY got the Hyboria's Fiercest book in the mail today. Now I'm really very freakin' happy, and will be pleased as punch when the map IS made available for all of us :lol:
Okay, I gotta wonder why the map isn't available to us yet if Mongoose has it. At the very least we should be able to download a copy unitil we can have a physical copy sent to us.

The whole Shadizar debacle (overpriced, bad map, all but book one being poorly done) has really lessened my opinion of Mongoose. A speedier response to this map situation would have gone a long way in rectifying my concerns.
all good things come to those who wait and also mongooses mini side has gone nuts with so many killer lines which are making them and the bank manager very happy a free map due to mongoose being cheated themselves is going to take time but as they now have the map shouldnt I hope take long now
Mongoose are probably waiting till they have a significant portion of the maps they need, where they need them and have someone available to answer the mail they'll get when they offer the replacements.

Like tooty says, be patient!

Sorry. My patience is running thin on this issue. I've been running a Shadizar game for three months with no city map which kind of sucks. I just don't see why they can't get a pdf up if they have a copy of the map.
mmm what if i still have to buy the shadizar box? will the new map be inside it? or will it have the old one and i'll still have to get the new map in some other way?
To save you all the trouble of going to the top of the other thread:

msprange said:
Hi guys,

Sorry this took a while. However, we are about to receive shipment of the new Shadizar Map.

If you bought the Shadizar box set (be honest now :)), simply drop a line to with the subject 'Shadizar', with your postal address. We'll get a map winging its way to you ASAP!

(Just sent his e-mail)