another question from a newbie

Cold Fun!


Keep in mind that the Computer would approach such a topic with it's usual implacable yet insane logic.

Ice cream is a frozen treat enjoyed by loyal citizens.

Of course, this means distribution would be... erratic. Infrareds might need to bow and scrape for a spoonful, while Ultraviolets are building igloos out of it.

Flavor selection would be watched very closely, and rigidly monitored for security clearance. Vanilla is reserved for the most favored!

You need a lot of Ice Cream for Alpa Complex. As such, R&D will need to find ways to flash-freeze it. Perhaps self-freezing ice cream? That occasionally activates internally?

The Ice Cream itself would most likely resemble the cheapest, blandest ice cream imaginable. Think those little containers some schools use to give out that you ate with the wooden stick they called a spoon.
Not sure what you mean about neopolitan ice cream? At lower Clearance, a citizen might expect a few very limited flavors (most artificially simulated). As Clearance improves, options expand, flavors improve, natural additives pop up and neopolitan ice cream becomes a luxurious pleasure, rather than a confusion of tastes.

The color of neopolitan ice cream doesn't represent an issue, unless you're running a Zap game and you feel inclined to make it an issue. Pink, brown and a sort of cream color don't really represent a security clearance issue.