And, of course: Early campaign ideas? ;)


*laughs* Arandur made a good point here; many of us poor bastards will probably get little chance at being a player ... :D

Well then, let's have a thread for game masters to be: Does anyone already have plans for a campaign? Basic ideas, vague outlines, whatever? I recall that Winter Wolf had interesting ideas about the Ice Barbarians of Kalte, for example ...

There's a vague idea creeping up on me as well (put together from a few sources and inspirations, Kai knows from where exactly). The campaign would start in Sommerlund; the characters, still low-level, get entangled in the schemes of evil druids who are based at Malis Mound. A few adventures later, they might be able to clean out that nest, but the main villain manages to flee. The trails leads to the Stornlands, the Cener mountains, to be precise. Should make a good challenge for maybe medium level characters? (Hmm, and how about the lord of Amory as a villain? Runs in the family, or so I hear ... :wink:) Should one be in an especially cruel mood, one might consider sending the characters into the lion's den at the end: The Forest of Ruel and the Cener fortress of Mogaruith ...

Still very basic, but not without promise, I think. 8)

Paido, to damn anxious to get that game :D
as i said earlier, I really like the idea of the moonstone being controlled by one of the evil sects in Northern Magnamund. The overtures of that artifact brings so many ideas to bear - the question come to, though: how would anyone STOP this villian?

Enter the Kai? More than likely. The best part is I could run this as either pre- or post-destruction of the Kai Monastary.

My only other option is to hope that a local GM allows me to intergrate the Kai into an on-going game - basically having him get sent through a Shadow Gate and end up somewhere he was NEVER meant to be. I like this option, as I would actually be able to PLAY a Kai :)
Hm, all of a sudden we have two threads for this topic here ... Arandur seems to have beaten me to it. :( :wink:

Would have tried to delete it, but as it already has started to collect posts ... May it take it's course! :D

*laughs* Yeah, great minds and all that Paido... I will move my original post over here, makes more sense to have a single thread rather than two ;)

Well I am actually beginning work on my LW game (Will be GMing), which at the moment consists of just jotting down scenes, sketches and basic ideas and the like that I have had, so that when I get my hands on the book I can got though and begin to fully realise some of these ideas and how they fit into the history of Magnumund.

I thought I might begin a thread where we can share ideas that folks have for this new game.

Well the first idea I had was to naturally just play through the LW gamebooks... (Gasp! Yes thats right, mess with the Story and replace Lone Wolf!). That is an Epic couple of campaigns right then and there, if you have a Kai Lord that is. And it would be fun to see where such a campign goes and what effect that has on Magnumund in later years. If not, then the gamebooks mention lots of events where Lone Wolf just passes though and never is really a part of, the Darklord invasion is just too much fun a time period to completely pass upon (IMO).

The second idea I had was for running a game after the Kai Monastery was rebuilt, beginning perhaps a new chapter in the Magnamund tale. I was thinking of perhaps another kind of epic War tale much like the Darklord Invasion, since every player I know loves to be involved in these sorts of games (And be central to them too!).

Anyway, I was thinking about using either An Elder Magi, corrupted while trying cleanse the Darklands or through a living nightmare sent unto him by a Nadzaranim(sp?) ritual. Or a renegade Shianti (I am toying with the idea of being trapped in the Daziarn for thousands of years and being corrupted by the Chaos War, who finally escapes to Magnumund). This kind of story works well because it gives a clear reason for all of the classes to work together, though the buccaneers are kind of an odd class out --but still not too hard to get them involved...

I have many more ideas, but like I said they are for now just notes and will post them a few at a time to see what people think and also to see what my fellow LW brethren have come up with. Its nice to see that there are indeed others eagerly awaiting this LW release too...


and Adgramaine's post also (no offense Adgramaine):

I too have been toying around with the idea of playing through the original 12 game books and replacing Lone Wolf with another Kai Lord. I know, some might consider that sacriledge, but hey, drama doesn't come cheap.

Though my other idea involves the Cener Druids and a little artifact known as the Moonstone... but that one is still in the development stages

Much easier in a single thread...

:D True enough, Arandur! Then feel welcome here, you two.

There should be some tea and cookies around here somewhere ... *starts to rummage*

I already have a full compliment of players for an online campaign in Magnamund.

The basic premise I am using involved the leaders of the various class groups, kia, sommerlundian rangers, dessi etc., agreeing to send some of their young "journeymen" on placements around Magnamund, under a tutor from one of the schools.

My campaign focuses on a group (so far made up of 2 kai, a dessi, and a couple of others who are waiting for the source book to decide on class) who have been sent to the north coast of Durenor under the guidence of a rather bookish kai, more focused on accademics than action. By all accounts this post has been the most boring of all possible placements, which are designed to give the various classes a chance to interact and learn each others strenghts for 12 months.

Many adventures follow.

Nice easy start and a plausable reason for having such a diverse group of PC classes all working together.

elSpike out.

the website for my campaign is and it is being played on
Wow, Joe Dever's work continues to impress me with all the details and the connections between seemingly unrelated things ...

Just browsed a bit in my copy of The Dungeons of Torgar (wanted to take a closer look at the Isle of Ghosts), and what do I find? A nice little piece of background story about the relations between the Order of the Redeemers (those wooden fish guys :wink:) and the Cener druids ... Never knew that (or I must have completely forgotten over the years)!

A short *Spoiler*: The Patar, who had served the Elder Magi, betrayed them and allied with the Cener druids, thereby allowing the Cenerese to create the Great Plague. After the Herbalish defeated the Cenerese, the Patar, ashamed of their act of treachery, devoted themselves to the healing arts and became the Redeemers. *End Spoiler*

That could definitely be a great addition to that "Druids of Malis Mound" campaign I mentioned above! Maybe the Redeemers quietly :wink: start to aid the characters in small and/or mysterious ways for no apparent reasons ... (More, of course, than they would usually aid those in need.)

For those who want to know the whole story: Just read paragraph 298 of The Dungeons of Torgar. (For those not possessing that book, have a look at Project Aon. :D)

Talk about great minds! The Druids of Malis Mound (who I didn't remember the name of and had to get the info by posting a thread on Project Aon to get some info on them) is who I currently have my fledgeling campaign looking into, because of increased Darkland creature activity in the Durncrags and near Shadow Pass village. What they don't know yet is that there is a connection between the Druids and spawn, who with a weakened Darkland nation (my campaign is a home-brew system set just 3 years after the Darklords were destroyed) are attempting to ally their malevolent forces. I haven't decided yet whether or not Cadak, a surviving Darklord, or someone else is in charge of the Darkland forces yet, but it's bound to get interesting!
Some other things I've done with past campaign:
Journey into Maakenmire to save kidnapped village women being used to breed 1/2 human, 1/2 gourgaz shapeshifters that my group decided to call gourgonians
Trip to Kalte for supply of oede herb when the apothecary in the monastery had an explosion. They never figured out it was sabotage. :twisted:
Destruction of a teleportation gate that was allowing Darkland creatures and allies into the forest between the monastery and Toran
Trip through caves beneath the Durncrags to stop an influx of Darkland creatures
Trip along crest of the Durncrags to re-establish connection with the watch-towers I decide should be there, destroying Darkland spawn
Just to name a few. . . :D
My brother and I developed an idea a while ago for a period after Lone Wolf rebuilt the Kai Monastery. basically new Dark Lords had reformed in the Dark Lands simply out of the negative energy floating around there naturally and from the deaths of the Dark Lords and their spawn to fill that vaccum created with the Dark Lords death. They where not created by Naar this time so where more prone to infighting but focused more on subtlety and corruption because that's what served them best in the past.
With such examples as the great plague and the success of servants like the Helghasts the new Dark Lords focused on toppling organizations from within and spreading disease and currupting the land to actually expand the Darklands (think the Shadowlands from Legends of the Five Rings). They also allied with the Cenerese Druids and sought to unearth the artifacts from other locations of corruption and evil. It was a lot of fun to contemplate and might make a good scenerio. We named the Dark Lords after plagues and diseases like Anthrax and Bubous.
My campaign idea beginning to kick about now deals with Vassagonia trying to reclaim its empire, and starting wars with Anari, Kakush etc. Then Shadaki gets involved, too.