And now...the computer game!?



It's great that MoNgoose Publishing does Paranoia!
The funniest role playing game ever!

Now it's about time somebody makes a computer game based on it, don't you think??
Back in my Amiga days I had a game called 'Paranoia Complex'.

It was a top down arcade style game that looked like it had been made with the 'Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit'.

I thought I was just dosed up on too much Visomorpain and B3 :lol: but it really existed
Funny that I saw this here. I have been toying (just toying mind..don't want to step on Intellectual property rights or anything) with the idea of doing a total conversion mod of Neverwinter Nights for Paranoia. Of course, that would be an insane amount of work, and would likely never see the light of day even without the intellectual property stuff.

Anyhow, there's an idea. I believe something like the NWN engine (aurora I believe it's called) would be an IDEAL candidate for a mod to make a PC version of Paranoia. I mean, it's got the great customizability, you can make your own scenarios, and you can have your friends hop on their computers and play it with you running it as the GM while they do so.

Like I said though, a lot of work (redoing all the models and tiles and artwork, not to mention "fixing" the combat system so it's no longer D20) and there is the problem that I bet Mongoose would not be the happiest camper in the world with something like that just floating out there.