An unimportant suggestion


Hello !
I'm crazy about Paranoia since the 1st edition and you have made a wonderful job with the latest one. Congratulations !

I post this topic because my players are pernickety (that's why I love Paranoia, I can treat them like they deserve it...).
One day, Behold-R-DND-2 (one of my players' PC) had the right hand maimed (a silly accident as usual...). So I inflicted a penalty on his rolls for the use of his off-hand. "False !" told me the player "I'm left-handed !"...

This situation inspired me a solution :

By consulting its database about history of the Old Reckoning, the Computer found this sentence
"I been (...) Communist, 'cause I'm left-handed " - Simon and Garfunkel “A Simple Desultory Philippic"
So the Computer decided that every clones will be right-handed (the miracle of genetic !).
Consequently I've sent Behold-R-DND-2 to the closest Termination center.

This is anecdotal, but I hope this suggestion could help any GM...

Once again, "bravo!" for your job.
Excuse me for the weakness of my english, but I'm French and it's well-known that French don't excel in foreign languages :wink:
A fine solution, zeedai! It is always helpful for a Gamemaster in any game to have on hand a database of Simon & Garfunkel lyrics.