Adventure Class Ships Preview - Provincial Merchant


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The Provincial Merchant. 1,000 tons of efficient (cheap!) Credit-making goodness, or a new target in your Drinax campaign? Find out in Adventure Class Ships next week!

Considered the backbone of merchant fleets by the companies that use them, the Magnadon provincial merchant is capable of carrying large amounts of cargo for its size, though there are few frills for the crews inside. With cargo doors on each side of the tall lower deck, handling cargo is much easier than the lack of onboard cranes and belts might suggest, so long as the starport is well-equipped. The low jump range restricts the Magnadon to mains, but profits can be great with the right choice of goods and trade routes.

Other races, too

Matt's comment in discord: "the largest is 2,000 tons. We also have a broad spread of ships - the chapters are: Ships and the Traveller, Exploration, Merchant Shipping, Passenger Shipping, Working Ships, Travellers Be Like..., The Aslan, The Sword Worlds, and The Vargr."