Adventure Advice

Looks pretty ok to me though the players might feel a bit 'led' having not many options. Why are the aquilonians working with the Zingarans? The closest Aquilonians to Zingara are the Pontainians and they really don't get along! Zingaran trackers would probably do just as well.
Also watch your spelling and grammar in your descriptive parts. It can really put off your rythm when your read it out aloud and it doenst come out right.
Don't forget the fear checks for the Sword bretheren and magic for the baddie.
Hope it goes well!
The reason for the Aquilionian is that the players want to fight against the King of Zingaria who is the "puppet" of Conan. So I kinded wanted to give them a little fell that Aquilonia is helping the king. I'll have to go through and check for those errors and such my spell check didn't pick them up. Usually I wing adventures so if the decide against the more railroaded approach I can always work something out. They are uses to standerd AD&D so they probably won't even notice.

Thanks for the advice.