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I would like to know everyone's opinion on this subject. If someone were to publish several adventure's that would be Very adaptable to the Conan rpg, but would have to have name changes due to copyright's, would you like to buy them as individual adventures, or would you like to purchase a large pdf. containing several adventures.

Obviously there would be a difference in price. Also is it necessary for all the 'frills' and touchup that seem to go with all the self published pdf.'s nowadady's? Example: Artistic borders, tons of artwork, etc.? Some artwork is necessary, especially maps, but I'm just wondering what you guy's think about this. If I and another person (not to be named) were to self publish on a site (for example Rpgnow) what would be the most important to you?

Any idea's or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise if I get no feedback then I have to do it my way, and my way isn't alway's the right way. :wink:

I value everyone's opinion on this forum.


Eric in Vegas[/b]
Hey Erick. One thing I would look for in a downloadable pdf adventure is that the price reflects the amount of artwork and frills vs. the page count. I've downloaded some adventures from En World and I'm really amazed at the level of presentation - from great covers to detailed color maps and extras , all for a price that is very reasonable. If an adventure doesn't have such frills I would think the price would reflect that.

I'm not cheap, just giving you by thoughts on some of the high quality adventures available for the money. That said, I hope you can make this happen and wish you good luck!
When I choose a .pdf over a print item it is because I am getting (almost) all the frills but with the discount that comes from reduced distribution cost, so when looking at such a project I would like to see some decent ammount of effort put into the "frills".

Also, and this may just be me, but I highly value the maps in RPG products. Espically products that have marked refrence maps for GM's and unmarked maps for player handouts. I just think that a good visual representation of the world adds a lot of value on both sides of the screen. If there is one gripe I have with the mongoose Conan line it is the overall poor quality of the maps; and I'm not talking about the Shadizar debacle here. I mean lets face it, the first edition world map was a mess :evil:

As far as individual adventures vs compaliations. I lean more towards compaliations as I am more likely to canabilize an adventure for parts.

Whatever you do be sure to let us know when it drops! :D
The term "very adaptable" is subjective and is key for me. If the conversion is just names and such, easy enough/ But I really prefer not to have to convert the system if possible. Too much work.

Have tons of that stuff just waiting, and waiting, and waiting....

PDF's are not my preferred media for gaming but my one exception is modules so I would be very interested in taking a look at it.

Good luck!

If I were you, I'd also consider leaving out names of countries and references to Hyboria and Conan books altogether. Then, just make up names for you NPCs and monsters and everything else is fair game.

In other words, make a D20 supplement, but not one that adheres to OGL liscence rules or Conan material in particular either. Make it as generic as possible.

My question is, how would you recieve payment? Your best bet, really, is to put it up on or some other such site and sell it for about $5 or so.

Just keep in mind that people look for stuff that looks 100% complete, too. Like argo said, lots of frills for low cost. It's a tough target to hit, especially in the bullseye, so you'll ahve to judge if it's worth the effort.
To me the layout and artistry of an adventure isn't all that important really; I'd much rather pay for a well written scenario in a simple Word-document than a gorgeous, full-colour adventure that is crap. Accurate maps are very nice, though (I really agree with argo on his map views).

As to whether individual adventures or a compilation, I'd personally prefer a compilation at a lower price.

Good luck, and keep us updated! :)
Trodax said:
To me the layout and artistry of an adventure isn't all that important really; I'd much rather pay for a well written scenario in a simple Word-document than a gorgeous, full-colour adventure that is crap. Accurate maps are very nice, though (I really agree with argo on his map views).

Definitely - having a word document is fine if the adventure is good - but I would still like the price to reflect the no frills. Maybe you have a different attitude toward purchases - lucky you!. What is really nice is there are some great looking and playing adventures available on the web for less than The Coming of Hanuman - which I heard is just okay.
I'd suggest looking at a POD publisher as well, for those that want a hard copy. If you find a decent one it's nearly indistinguishable from a mass-printed book.
:D I tend to have a good idea now of RPG authors who's stuff I tend to really like. Examples might include Robin D. Laws, Ken Hite, et al. For those authors the frills isn't as important as the content of the adventure. That said, frills are nice they can set a tone and help the GM and player really get into it. In this case frills aren't critical because I know the who the authors are.

Single adventures would be nice to pick through, but if you want to do a compilation that would be fine too.

-Check Waiting.
Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and comments. It's obvious that people want the most for their money, and that is completely reasonable. Maps are a necessity, but most find the 'frills' unecessary. Single adventures that are quality seem to be the general concensus.

When I talk about converting adventures to make them usable for the Conan rpg, but without stepping on any copyrights, I means changing names and places, not changing game systems. However if changes are needed to make the game usable without infringing, well then they will have to be made.

Don't worry, I will consider the adventure the top priority. I'm not looking to win 'PDF." of the year. :D

Any other suggestions, feel free to email.


Eric in Vegas