ACTA New Campaign rules (Dilgar War)

Da Boss

Hyach versus Dilgar, Convoy Duty (Hyach Defending)

Hyach (5pt raid)
Irokai Kam Heavy Cruiser - Battle
Tachila Kor Scout Carrier - Raid
Okath Kat Fast Frigate x2 - Skirmish, Skirmish
Okath Kur Escort Frigate x2 - Skirmish, Skirmish

4 Freighters
Ecamron Tek Freighter

Dilgar (3pt Raid)
Pentacon 1
Ochlivita-Ki Command Destroyer
1 Jashkar Scout
3 Jashkar Torpedo frigates

3 Ochlivita Destroyers

The Hyach convoy entered the system cautiously, the freighters closely escorted by the frigates and the carrier whilst the mighty heavy cruiser with its spinal mount hung back to cover them.


At first there was no sign of the Dilgar raiders but then a lone Ochlivata emerged into sensor range, prompting the Irokai Kam to immediately turn towards the smaller warship and lock on with its huge laser. Another Ochlivita emerged well in front of the convoy and a Fast Frigate broke off to engage this other ship, confident that the Heavy cruiser would erase the other destroyer from existence. A third emerged near to the threatened destroyer and locked onto the heavy cruiser, promoting the nearby escort frigate to also break off to engage.


Then the Dilgar trap was sprung - in a typical display of their aggressive nature, their commander had decided to remove the biggest threat before engaging the civilian ships, which were little more than floating targets. The full pentacon moved on to the table from the opposite edge catching the Hyach completely off guard and forcing the remaining escorts and the carrier to try desperately to come about and engage (failing). Still the heavy cruiser was locked on and fired first, heavily damaging the destroyer but failing to mission kill it.


The Dilgar unleashed a fusillade of torpedoes at the lumbering giant in front of them, not at all intimidated by its supposedly superior technology. Explosions registered across its hull as both the fighter flight in close escort and the impeder interceptor array struggled to repel the firepower of the small Dilgar ships. One torpedo slammed into the forward weapon mount leaving the heavy cruiser with no weapons besides its side batteries whilst its spinal laser recharged!

Sensing weakness the Dilgar pentacon cruised forwards into bolter range, whilst the Ochlivitas exchanged fore with the escorts and headed for the civilian ships, destroying one extremely quickly. Again the pentacon pounded the heavy cruiser as it struggled to bring any weapons to bear and its escort scrambled to try and assist.
Despite the volume of fire and heavy damage received, the heavy cruiser survived, trailing wreckage. The heavily damaged Ochlivita succumbed to the escorts even as its compatriots destroyed another freighter.

Ignoring the escorts now closing, the Ochlivitas and Pentacon went in for the kill, but they were now in range of multiple ships and began to suffer damage - with the heavy cruiser vaporising another ochlivita and a Jashkar dying to the guns of the escorts. Fighters and impeders reduced the volume of fire and the heavy cruiser survived. Meanwhile the last Ochlivita continued on the primary mission and hammered the Hyach freighter in oblivion.


It seemed that the game had turned.......or had it..........

Surrounded by Hyach ships, the Dilgar captain of the lead Jashkar realised that the Heavy Cruiser must go down and that he must make the ultimate sacrifice for the Imperium. Without hesitation, the small frigate powered up its engines to maximum and ploughed into the Hyach cruiser, both ships being envelope din the explosion.

Even as the Hyach escort enacted vengeance on the scout and destroyed a Jashkarm the convoy was reduced to one freighter as the Ochlivita carried on its assigned mission with aplomb.

The game was entering its final phase as the remaining Dilgar warships, being picked apart by the Hyach lasers lunged after the slowly moving freighter. The last civilian ship was pounded into oblivion and the Dilgar had won !!


Great Game - really close and Greg caught me completely off guard by going after my cruiser - which after all was a very Dilgar thing to do!!

Enjoying playing the Hyach - they don't have a lot of attack dice but they are all good :)

Da Boss

Thanks Greg paints his ships very nicely - but I am lucky enough to have mine (in this case teh Hyach warships) done by McKickaha :) ain't they great :)