ACTA New Campaign rules (Dilgar War)

Da Boss

Inspired by the excellent recent AAR reports (thanks Democratus) I am looking to run a short camapign (6 games each) along the following lines

The Rising Powers of the Galaxy: Dilgar, Earth Alliance, Narn
(Or any one League Race from Abbai, Brakiri, Cascor, Drazi, Hyach, Ipsha, Vree)

Dilgar War supplement,
6 Games for each player, two set in each of the pivotal years – 2230, 2231, 2232,

Fleets are chosen for each game, but surviving ships do gain experience as normal
Ships are limited to ISD for relevant year.

If a unique ship or squadron is destroyed in a Players game, he may not use it again in his fleet.

Score VP points for each game to form League Table.

Game result...............................Victor.....................Vanquished.............
Draw........................................... 10.......................10
Win by less than 10 VP’s...............13.......................7
Win by 10 or more VP’s................17.......................3
Win by 25 or more VP’s................20.......................0

Any player can be the opponent in a game (to make getting through the games easier) but importantly only scores points and gains experience in their own games.
New ships become available in rounds two and three as technology advances.

First Round – Initial Moves: 2230

Dilgar (Choose Two Different)
 Strike against Balosians; Planetary Assault, 7pts Raid versus 5pt Raid Balosians,
30 Emplacements, 20 Troops, 4 Satellites,
 Death of Alaca, Flee to the Jump Gate, Dilgar Attacker (5pts Raid), Defender 2pts Raid Vree,
3 Alacan Gunboats(*),
 Border Skirmish, Call To Arms 6pts Raid versus League (*), Drazi or Narn,

Alacan Gun boat
Speed: 8, Turn: 1/45, Hull: 5, Damage: 26/5, Crew: 32/8, Troops: 1, Craft: none,
Special Rules: Anti-Fighter 2, Lumbering,

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Missile Battery 24 F 6 AP, Precise, Slow-Loading,
Particle Array 8 F 12
Particle Array 8 P 10
Particle Array 8 S 10
Particle Array 8 A 6

Earth Alliance (Choose Two Different)
 Convoy Duty, Earth Defender (5pts Raid), roll D6: 1-2 Raiders, 3-4 Centauri. 5-6 Narn(3pts Raid)
 Joint Wargame, Space Superiority, 7pts Raid versus Centauri, Markab, Narn)
 Rescue – choose opponent (Dilgar, Narn or League(*)) – 7pts Raid

Narn (Choose Two Different)
 Border Skirmish, Call to Arms, 6pts Raid versus Centauri, Dilgar, Drazi or Earth Alliance,
 Joint Wargame, Space Superiority, 7pts Raid versus Brakiri, Earth Alliance,
 Planet Fall – Choose Opponent (League Race(*) or Centauri) – 6pts Raid

League (Choose Two Different)
 Convoy Duty, League Defender (5pts Raid) Roll D6: 1-2 Raiders, 3-4 Drazi or 5-6 Dilgar (3pts Raid)
 Joint Wargame, Space Superiority, 6pts Raid versus any League (* re-roll if own race)
 Spying, Recon Run, 3pts Raid versus 5pts League(*), Narn or Dilgar,

(*) Roll randomly: 1: Abbai, 2: Brakiri, 3: Cascor, 4: Drazi, 5: Hyach, 6: Vree,

Surviving Ships gain XP as normal, which may be used to attempt to increase CQ, Roll a refit or save for Tactical Judgements (re-rolls). They are fully repaired between games but all bonuses are lost if the ship is destroyed or de-crewed.


Sounds like great fun. The Dilgar are a terror during those early years. There are few fleets that I've enjoyed playing more.

It will be interesting to see how the ships in the Dilgar War supplement match up against each other. I've never gotten around to throwing dice with them.

AARs and pictures would be appreciated!

Da Boss

Right we now have the 5 commanders

Warmaster Chambers represents the Dilgar Imperium
Admiral Eyles represents Earth Alliance
Lord Jarosz represents the Centauri Republic
Warleader Smith represents the Narn Regime
Elder Lister represents the Hyach Gerontocracy

hope to have some AAR reports and such soon :)


surely that S'Mith for the Narn?
and you for the Hyach

so thats Greg, who are the others?

I hate that i am too far away to participate in these things :-(


H said:
surely that S'Mith for the Narn?
and you for the Hyach

so thats Greg, who are the others?

I hate that i am too far away to participate in these things :-(

Howabout starting vassal campaign?-) Not as good as real thing but better than nothing :)

Da Boss

Kennyboy, Clanger and Alex of Gregs crew

I really must have a look at the Vassel thingy at some point :)


tneva82 said:
H said:
surely that S'Mith for the Narn?
and you for the Hyach

so thats Greg, who are the others?

I hate that i am too far away to participate in these things :-(

Howabout starting vassal campaign?-) Not as good as real thing but better than nothing :)

I intended too, even had players lined up, then real life kicked in and I never got round to it :-(

Da Boss

First game tonight - the Narn have breached the Drazi border and are approaching a small colony world - this shall not stand. A small Drazi force has been dispatched to chase them off.

6pts Raid, Planet fall, Drazi versus Narn

hope to have some pics and report tomorrow :)

Greg Smith

The Narn made the first agressive move seizing a Drazi colony in the Zagros system.

Planetfall - 6 point raid.

Narn Fleet
G'Quan dreadnought
3 Thentus
6 Vor'kar battleship killers (er Strike ships).

Raptor-class fleet gatherer (a Drazi ship with side weapons, that is not right!)
Death Falcon
2 Darkhawks
2 Sunhawks

My Narn set up first and positioned the T'loth preparing to assault the planet while the rest of my cmbat ships were on the other side. Meanwhile the Vorkars were on the far flanks to be used as initiative sinks and to attack the enemy from the rear later in the game.

Da Boss' Drazi split his fleet with the Deathfalcon and a couple of smaller ships to take on the T'loth while the bulk of his fleet approache mine.

His ships dealt quite a bit of damage to my fleet in the first few turns. Doing damage to the T'loth and destroying a couple of Thentuses.

My first beam roll from the G'quan was huge (11 hits) doing significant damage to the Drazi fleet auxiliary. But after that they weren't to bad.

Despite forgeting to un-squadron my Vorkars, and to fire my emine until DB reminded me late in the game, I did manage to do quite a bit of damage to the Drazi fleet.

The T'loth dropped troops, and then seeing the Drazi had ignored the planet, rounded the planet on all power to get beck into the fight. The Vorkars came swooping in, using the planet's gravity well to close quickly.

The Drazis attention turned to the G'quan and dished out some serious damage. The dreaded adrift critical left it with its boresight pointing at the adrift Death Falcon! A crippled Sunhawk finished it off with a ram.

But that was the last ship the Narn lost as the Drazi were finished off by the last Thentus and the horde of Vorkars, which reaped enormous amounts XPs from killing of the the Drazi.

Da Boss

Ninjad by Greg but my version of the same game

Battle Report - sorry but stupidly forgot my camera :(

6pts Raid, Planetfall

With large numbers of the Drazi warships transferred to the border with the Dilgar, the Narn were sure they could expand the borders of the regime with little resistance.
As a test, a small fleet crossed the border and headed for a small Drazi colony world of Zagros.

As it happened several Drazi warships were on station refuelling and rearming at their tender, the Raptor class Auxiliary Hard Impact. As the Narn squadron entered the system, the Drazi quickly moved to engage.

Planet in the centre
Asteroid and dust cloud roughly at the corner and edge of each deployment zone


Drazi Defenders
1 Raptor Fleet Auxilary (Battle)
1 Death Falcon (Raid)
1 Jumphawk (Skirmish)
2 Darkhawk (2 x Skirmish)
2 Warbirds (2 x Skirmish)
1 Eyehawk (Patrol)
1 Guardhawk (Patrol)

Narn Attackers
1 G'Quan (Battle)
1 T'loth (Raid)
3 Thentus (3 x Skirmish)
6 Vor’kar (6 x Patrol)

The Drazi lost initiative and set up first, forming a broad line across the system, with the Raptor and the two Darkhawks in the centre to try and bombard the oncoming Narn with their missile batteries. On the right flank was the attack fleet of the Deathfalcon and two Warbirds and the command/scout element on the left flank.

The Narn assigned the small fragile Vor’kars into 2 ship squadrons (for some reason) and had them flanking: 2 on the right against the command group and 4 on the far right screened by asteroids to come round behind the attack fleet. The G’Quan was central, screened by the Thentus and the T’loth headed straight for the planet, ignoring the oncoming attack ships.

The first exchange of fire saw a cloud of missiles slam into the central Thentus, causing extensive damage and sending it adrift. In retaliation, the G’Quan unleashed its beam on the Raptor, causing heavy damage to the ship and its engines. This was the first of many big rolls for the beams on both sides (11 hits from 6AD). The T’Loth shrugged of the powerful beam impact from the Deathfalcon (7 triple damage hits from 2 AD!) but suffered no system failures.

Despite the larger number of Narn ships, they remained in squadrons, allowing the Drazi to line up their beams as the two fleets approached each other – thanks Greg ;)
Weapons fire again streaked across the void

The Drazi scout was caught by the two Vor’kar and left a burning crippled hulk, but with several crew still operating the sensors as it limped forward. The damaged Thentus was hammered into oblivion by the Raptor as it lumbered forward and the Narn frigates concentrated their fire on the command cruiser which was quickly severely damaged.

Across the other side of the planet, the T’loth disdained to notice the fire of the Drazi ships closing in on and settled into orbit to begin landing the first waves of assault troops. Weapons fire raked across its hull from beams and particle blasters but it weathered the storm before unleashing its own formidable batteries. The Deathfalcon lost all control over its engines and drifted helplessly forwards towards the oncoming G’Quan.

As the two fleets swept past each other and through the debris fields, the Vor’kars finally began to break formations and head into the battle, ignoring the Drazi fighters that fruitlessly engaged them. The Eyehawk burned and limed onwards, still feeding targeting information to the missile boats which all targeted the huge Narn cruiser.

The two warbirds followed their adrift squadron leader against the cruiser too, hoping to destroy the Narn command structure, unaware it was a pure warship. Another Thentus was crushed by the Raptors guns as it blasted the G’quan with its superheavy blasters and missiles. In retaliation, the huge Narn vessel unleashed all of its weapons at the smaller ships surrounding it.

One Warbird was transformed into adrift and barely moving wreckage and the other crippled. The Deathfalcon was erased by a powerful beam hit and the blast of the emine. The Guardhawk having shot down the last Narn fighter, was similarly blasted, taking its weapons off line.

Several Vor’kars having shot forward using the gravity well of the planet and the surviving Thentus finished off the Jumphawk command cruiser and inflicted damage on the Darkhawks. The battle was entering its final phase…..

The Vor’kars began to rove at will, chasing down the scout and finally bringing down the large Narn auxiliary, but not before it had again pounded on the G’Quan, taking its engines off line. The GuardHawk made a run for it – heading for home to alert the Freehold of the invasion. As a final act of defiance, the battered crippled warbird fed all power into its engines and slammed itself into the Narn cruiser, eliminating both vessels in a colossal explosion.

As more and more troops began to land form the T’Loth, the Narn were happy with their first encounter, even though one of their new capital units had been lost, many crews had been blooded and lessons learned.

The war would continue……..

Great game – even though both of us were a little rusty and had to remember not to use ACTA: SF rules on occasion (especially turns). Pretty much all the ships functioned as they should do, the Raptor was a great anchor point, the Deathfalcon needed to learn how to dodge and as always lots of our boresight ships went adrift ;)

Looking forward to the next one.

Greg Smith

You have a better memory than me, I think. :D

In writing the report, I couldn't figure out how you had worked out your fleet, since your supplement says the GuardHawk is skirmish level. But it all makes sense now.

"Wait, agile doesn't mean I can turn 90 degrees does it?" :roll:

I look forward to my next game.


Though ACTA: B5 may have gone the way of the dodo, and I've since sold all my stuff due to a lack of players in my local area, I must say...

I do love having the opportunity to read battle reports of such a great game.

Da Boss

glad you enjoyed it :)

Second Game tonight will try and remember to take my camera :)

The Hyach will attempt to guard an important convoy from Dilgar raiders intercepted communication from the Dilgar reads:

The Dilgar will teach the stuck up Hyach a thing or two about firepower!

Convoy Duty 5pt Raid Hyach defenders (me) v 3pt RaidDilgar attackers (Greg)


Greg Smith

Just finalising my fleet choice and deciding which disguise the Dilgar will wear (I have no Dilgar ships, so I need to proxy).

Greg Smith

As it turned out the Dilgar did teach the Hyach a thing or two about firepower! Leaving their Heavy Cruiser at the back of their fleet was an invitation for the Dilgar to demolish it!

Mean Mutton

Greg Smith said:
As it turned out the Dilgar did teach the Hyach a thing or two about firepower! Leaving their Heavy Cruiser at the back of their fleet was an invitation for the Dilgar to demolish it!

Love hearing about the campaign... keep reporting, please.