? about NA Fleets of the Fading Suns


Just got the book. I have many questions, and I don't know where to start. First, why were all of the troop types on the C5A pdf not included in this supplement. It seems like a good time to add them. Also, the book is not clear on who is allowed to have each troop type. Can anyone have a Vorox or a Ukari?

Also, the point changes for destroyers. Are other ships affected? Why is the Decados destroyer and light cruiser now cost the same amount of points?

Speaking of ship changes, I know the preview for the Kurgan was only that, but is seems to me that they were most affected by the point changes. Was it so that they would have more, but less effective ships on the table at a time, much like the Vuldrok? Also, the church fleet seems more like the Kurgan are described than the Kurgan are. Many Heat Blasters. Lots of fighters. I am shocked that the Kurgan cruiser didn't end up with some fighters or be upgunned in some way. I confess I am partial to that mini and always wanted it to be a real bruiser.

Lastly, from another thread about raiders. The raider trait does seem to address the issue somewhat, as does the point reduction for the Kurgan raider, but that raiders are still flawed.

Anyway, just my two cents, I would love to hear others opinions.
Ok, no one has bit yet. Anyway, I see that I was at least partially wrong. The Ukari and Vorox are both mentioned on the fleet reinforcement page, not the page 3 that introduces the new rules for marines. I still would like an official answer on some point questions. Is the Michelangelo and the Tupok'ta now both 200 points? Also, on the Vuldrok fleet list it has the Myrkwyrm listed as 30 points, but 40 points later in the ship description. Its the same for the Slatra Konangr. It is listed as 750 points on the fleet list, but 550 in the ship description.
the destroyers of the new races are points costed as listed. only the houses destroyers got upped in points as far as I am aware.

the points to use are the ones with the ships description (cant imagine any ship being 750pts when a hawkwood dreadnought is only 600)