A question about Sneak Attack


I wonder one thing and I hope someone here can help shed some light one it, and that is this:
Does Sneak Attack Damage (SAD) apply to blugeon weapons like clubs and unarmed etc?

I haven't found anything in the rule book that contradics this, but I have always thought that SAD only applies to piercing and slashing weapons, ie. a dagger in the throat or kidneys.

I would like some kind of help with this one, before the thief in my group decideds to sneak attack someone unarmed.
If it's not possibly to use SAD with unarmed attacks, perhaps it would be possibly if the character has Improved unarmed combat?

There, give me any help, arguments for and agains, all input is appreciated.

Yes it does.

You can smash the back of the head with a club to knock someone out. i.e. hitting a vunerable location to do better, thus sneak attack.

You can even sneak attack with unarmed combat. Vulcan neck pinch style