A Malazan campaign


I've been looking for a system to run Steven Erikson's excellent Malazan works in, and from what I've been reading of MRQ on these boards, this could be the perfect match.

Now, I am a complete RQ newb, having only played some Cthulhu in the past. What I'm interested in are any thoughts from those more familiar with the rules, and hopefully familiar with the excellent books (starting with Gardens of the Moon), and their thoughts on how the two will fit.

I already have a few ideas (doing away Runes and replacing them with Warrens that combine their effects, for instance) but am interested in other opinions.
I agree with you that Erikson's series would make a great setting like what they are doing with Lanhkmar.
Afew days ago I posted about the Malazan series and Waiwode gave a great "off the cuff" adaption for Rune magic simulating the magic of the lesser Warrens.
Thanks for that - that'll teach me to use the search function!

Anyway, yeah, that's pretty much along the lines I was thinking, though I do like the idea of making each Warren it's own skill - very elegant.