A Call to Arms: SF Games Expo Tournament - May 26th

OK, the Expo site talks about gaming going on in the hotel on Friday. I did think it was strange it didn't say anywhere I could find what gaming was actually going on on the Friday.
Good News CTA SF Fans.

Ben2, Alan and myself demoed the rules over 6 games this weekend. It was an instant hit with the new players of CTA.

After explaining the rules to the players after a turn or three they got into the swing of it and they were in full flow without questions to ourselves. This proves that the CTA rules set with complete CTA novices is very quick to pick up and play. They all had a fun time and some even came back for more :).

With a few new SF converts in tow to our glorious group :). Even the die hard SFB players we had enjoyed it and thought it was a good game and they prefered the CTA version to SFB version as CTA was easier to learn and quicker.

Thanks to all the people who played it and had fun, as the votes of the Panel at Games Expo UK voted CTA:SF Best Miniture Rules...... Yay.

We had trouble getting Matt out of the building as Mongoose won an Award for Designers and Dragons as well. Double Mongoose whammy :D.
The Tourney was cancelled due to lack of players put down for it (I was the only one who booked for the Tourney). I did demos of the game instead to gain more interested parties in the game along with Ben2 and Alan.
I didn't enter as I've been in hospital twice in the last week and I'm on fairly strong painkillers at the moment, and thought I wouldn't be able to maintain the concentration to give people a good game (and so didn't finish the couple of Klingon ships I'd have needed.

I was wondering if it was down to the fact that there was a con entry fee + a tournament fee or whether it was the location, because I might be able to organise a tournament at Birmingham University, but if, despite the fact it is a major transport hub and right in the centre of the country, people can't get there then I won't look into it.

There was also talk of doing something in Walsall, which isn't that far from Birmingham. Would the same issues apply?