101 (or more) Adventure ideas for Lone Wolf

Something I thought we could all try here, with an eye for maybe sending to the Mongoose staff for posting on the Lone Wolf site (hint, hint, wink, wink :D).

With this in mind, a few ground rules:

1) The adventure idea must be able to be used in the current timeline (MS 5000) and

2) The adventure idea must not intefere with the future Lone Wolf timeline (ie, no killing off Darklord Zagarna, no destruction of the Sommerswerd, etc).

3) Please number all of your adventure ideas.
To get us started:

1) The players have heard rumours about the healing waters of the ruined Castle Tuanor in northern Lyris.

2) Someone has been setting fire to merchant's warehouses in Casiorn.

3) The tomb of Sun Eagle, located in Toran, has been broken into and ransacked.

4) Several Techoi have been kidnapped from the northern parts of their country.

5) Pirates of the Lakuri Isles have been raiding the southern coast of Durenor, apparently looking for something that have yet to find.
Alright, a couple more (c'mon folks!)

6) A Helghast has managed to infiltrate the court of Durenor. It was discovered, but has now gone into hiding.

7) The Drakkarim of Nyras have launched an attack upon Lencia.

8) A Shadow Gate has opened near the Kraknalorg Chasm. Evil creatures are pouring through it and are close to overwhelming the giants of Mt. Vost.

9) The players stumble upon a secret Cenerese sect in Ragadorn.

10) Someone, or something, has been killing workers in the Maaken Mines.
11) Merchant ships are regularly being wreaked on the coast of the Kirlundin isles survivor report siren voices and ghostly lights.

12) There have been reports of a strange fish like vessel operating off of the coast of Sommerlund. Observers claim passengers have been seen leaving the vessel which then slips beneath the waters and disappear. An unusually large number of fishing boats have been lost. Is this related?

13) A forest fire rages around the village of Fogwood was it caused by the charcoal burners or was it set deliberately to draw as many Kai as possible out of the monastery.

14) Terrible storms sweep south out of Kalte causing devastation to coastal communities as far south as Ragadorn. Rumours from Lujk tell of sorcerous beams of light above the Ice Fortress of Ikaya.

15) The King of Sommerlund wishes secret forward observatories built in the Durncrags manned by a secret observer core to assist the border rangers with their mission. An increase in the number of dangerous beasts raiding the western borders of Sommerlund and concerns about the infiltration or interrogation of the Rangers giving away the observatories means that they cannot do the work themselves. Small groups of loyal adventurers adept at stealth an survival in mountainous terrain are required to scout out possible observer sites and hidden routes to them and report back directly to the Kings advisers.
16. Plans for a new class of Sommerlending warship have been stolen from the Royal shipwrights office in Holmguard and a murder committed. They have escaped the city in a small sloop and plan to meet up with a Lakuri pirate ship. They had inside help and the PC's must discover this and extract the rest of the plan from there accomplice.

17. Somehow Drakkarim raiders are bypassing the normally effective Border ranger patrols. As hard as it is to believe it seems that they are getting inside help. One of the rangers has had his family kidnapped by Helghast and has been passing on information on the rangers patrols numbers and organisation. When confronted he breaks down and tells all. The race is on to save his family.

18. Cloeasian agents have discovered a plot to unseat the current Zakhan of Vassagonia by one of his more brutal vassals who's territory borders the land of Cloeasia and has long wished to add their territory to his own. To prevent this the Cloeasians seek out a band of ruthless adventurers to deal with the plot by any means necessary.

19. Lujk has come under attack by a large force of Ice Barbarians. Small elite forces are being sent to try to hold the settlement until a larger expeditionary force can be organised and despatched. A small group of Helghast have penetrated the Ice Barbarians trade routes and started to slaughter them disguised as Lujk traders. Zagarna wants Lujk raised to the ground, he hopes this will reduce the amount of Naval traffic in the Kaltersea allowing his own forces to use it for transporting agents, troops and devices into Magnamunds eastern coastline.

20. Nadzirranim are investigating the possible magical nature of the highway that runs along the northern coast of the Wildlands. It appears to be an anathema to the vile creatures that wander the wildlands. If there is some kind of enchantment and they can destroy it land communication between Sommerlund and Durenor would become very difficult indeed.
21. An evil sorcerer wants to free the Ice Demons of Ikaya to use them for his plans of world dominion. To accomplish this, he needs a Shianti relict. The player characters must find the macigal item before the sorcerer does, or, if they fail, must follow him to Kalte to prevent his evil schemes in the last minute.
22. An Dying Eruan Pathfinder returns from the lands north of Torgar. His last words are "Drakarim thousands of them". This is deeply disturbing to the Prince of Eru who like many of the leaders of the nations of light thought the power of the Darklords broken. He gathers a party of adventurers to investigate.

23. As one of the poorer nations in Northern Magnamund Eru has not been able to afford the services of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star to provide detection against Helghast infiltration. They had hoped that they are too small for the darklords to notice them. However the Darklords have plans for Eru and a Helghast has infiltrated the Princes Council. Any Interaction by the Prince with PC's will be known to the Helghast....

24. Drakarim 'renegades' have set up camp in the Hellswamp and are raiding into Western Eru striking at the mines that Eru depends upon for much of her wealth. Adveturers are required to bolster the Pathfinders and hunt down the raiders.

25. Eru is always keen to develop alliances to protect her from the ever present threat of the Darklords. Due to her isolated position this means the Kingdoms of Bor and Lencia. But the Princes attempts to win favour with these nations are shattered when their envoys are found burtally murdered...

26. The Prince convinced that agents from the Darklands are operating in his court, has asked the Pathfinders to track anyone suspicious who may be carrying information back to the Darklands. The Pathfinders have found a number of trails leading to and from the Isle of Ghosts were they dare not follow. The prince turns to the PCs as his last hope of tracking the spys and dealing with them.

Some thing with an Eruan flavour and over a quarter of the way there. :)
27. A battalion of knights of the white mountain were on a diplomatic mission to Vassagonia, when a month ago, three of knights returned with a strange affliction saying their comrades had 'laid down their vows'. Shortly after their return, they died. The king of Durenor is worried about the implications of this, and gathers allies from Sommerlund (the PC's) to investigate.

(the above one I'll likely use in my campaign)
28. An envoy from Dessi arrives in Holmgard aboard the Skyrider (yes the original one). The Elder Magi is the bringer of deeply disturbing news he claims that an agent within the Darklands has sent them word of a cataclysmic plot by the Darklords. They have discovered a large deposit of a very, very rare mineral and with it the Nadziranim have started to construct a devastating explosive devise, with the intention of using it to blast Holmgard off of the face of Magnamund as a prelude to an invasion from the sea. The device is being constructed in the Darklord port city of Argazad and fitted into a revolutionary ship design (a submersible) that will be able to slip into Holmgard harbour undetected.

The King gathers together a group of Sommelunds most powerful agents and provides them with a fast Sommelending warship and a strange crystal devise given to him by the Elder Magi to plant next to the explosive devise. If the Characters succeed they would not only stop the Darklords vile plans but also destroy their only naval base and ship yard on the Kaltersea. Neutralising the Darklord fleet for at least a generation.

In case the party fails the King orders the building of underwater defences to protect not just Holmgard but also Toran, Tyso and Anskavern.
29) As the PCs travel to the next town over they see a skyrider fly overhead and crash into the forest in the distance. They arrive just in time to see a krann rider fly away and find the remains of the crew.

30) Rumors are swirling about the discovery of a weapon once carried by a Drakkarim leader. If the weapons falls into the wrong hangs it will be used to rally new forces and conduct ever more vicious raids.
31) A small village in the north-east of Sommerlund is being terrorised by undead. Is this the work of an outcast villager or something far worse.

32) A farmer in an outlying homestead comes into town seeking help after some of his livestock is taken by wolves. It turns out to be Doomwolves ridden by Giaks, scouting out the area for an assault on the village itself. The Gaik warband has setup in a cave complex a few miles out of the village and is preparing to attack in a few days unless the party can warn the local garrison and launch a preemptive raid - or they can trap the Giaks in their own caves and clear them out themselves.
33. Helghasts are attempting to infiltrate all of the Kingdoms of the Stornlands with differing degrees of success. Lyris is proving particularly difficult to infiltrate the major buildings and places of those with influence are protected by the brotherhood spell sense evil. If the helghast can't get to the people in power then the people in power must come to them. To this end they have procured an upper class barbers shop in the city "Hair To Dye For". This backs onto a butchers shop "Citizens Pies" which they have also procured. Now they trim and clip for the great and the good, assessing there use to the Darklord regime and trimming and clipping out those members of society who would prove problematic. The bodies of course are returned to the people of the good city for consumption and for a tidy profit too.

The disappearances have unsettled the city but as no bodies have been found......

If the PCs are really struggling give them a free haircut. :wink:
34. Erik of Tyso a Sommelending Merchant is distraught at the loss of his son on a trading venture to the Lyris border town of Quarlen. His wagons are known to have left Raunon but did not arrive at Quarlen as expected. Erik is offering a substantial reward for the rescue of his son or for news of what has befallen him.

The PCs investigations will lead them to a new settlement established in the shadows of the ruined town of Maaken. By day the inhabitants appear to be, and effectively are hard working farmers trying to eek out a living in these barren lands, even sense evil will confirm this. But by night their true personas will emerge as cultist of Vashna. There digs are in fact a search for the Dagger of Vashna. Any PCs who spend a night in the village will likely find themselves beset by fanatical cultist and if subdued may well share the fate of Erik's son used in the cultists vile rituals to locate the dagger. Think Wickerman...

35. Acolytes of Vashna are always trying to increase there numbers and the Stornlands where the large populations of dispossessed are ideal recruiting grounds for the dark cult. The Kingdom of Lyris has become very concerned about the suspected growth of the number of cultists particularly in the Northern town of Karkaste. To combat the recruitment a group of unknown adventurers are required from beyond the borders of Lyris to infiltrate the cult. They will receive special training on the secrets of the cult from the secret agents of Lyris.

If they successfully do this they will discover that the followers of Vashna plan to seize the town of Karkaste with help of mercenaries and Magador becoming a protectorate of that realm. Who knows what devilry they will be able to do with a centre of power next to the Maakengorge.
36. The adventurers have become a major thorn in the sides of the Darklords and something must be done about them. A group of Helghast shadow the party and when they stop at a Sommelending village for the night they take the form of the Adventurers and slaughter many villagers before slipping into the night.

The adventurers are accused of the crime and tracked down with overwhelming force. If they are unable to prove their innocence, and I would suggest that they are not, they will be cast through the gate to the Dazairn in the halls of the brotherhood of the crystal star in Toran.

37. A party of adventurers trapped on the Dazairn finally find a way to escape there imprisonment. They return to the city of Toran fifty years after they had left! Curiously there are no guards on the gate. As they work their way up through guild hall no body challenges them as all hell has broken loose in the city. The year is 5050 and Toran is under attack from the Darklords....
38. A sage in the city of Varetta has uncover a reference to an ancient tomb of dark knowledge. The Darke Lore is a book researched and written by a Magician of Dessi. Long he researched and peered into the pit of the Darklands and much hidden lore did he uncover (it contains info on the regions, darklords and helgedad without the stats).

His research uncovered much about the masters of darkness and their realm but it tainted his soul. When the time came for him to be judged by the grace of Ishir he was found wanting. So he took the book and fled from Dessi forever. He travelled north towards the Darklands driven on by some dark presence in his soul. But in the end he managed to resist, instead he fled to the Wildlands stopping at Varetta on the way to leave clues for those who might follow. In the Wildlands he found the remains of an ancient Cloeasian noble house and hid himself and his charge in the ruins cellars and storage halls. Driven mad by the calling of the Darklands he took his own life and his spirit still lingers guarding his work and seeking salvation. This is why the Magicians of Dessi do not speak much about the Darklands and do not look into the abyss.

If a party of adventurers could find this tomb it would give them a vast amount of information that could be used by the forces of light against the darklords. If the Darklords find out about this book they will do everything in their power to destroy it and anyone who has handled it.
39. The book of the Magnakai is one of the most treasured artefacts of the Kai and they would do almost anything to get it back. The Darklords would do anything to destroy it. For years both groups have sought out the location of the hallowed tomb, following any lead no matter how tenuous. Many of those leads have lead to the desert empire of Vassagonia and many on both sides now believe that the book of the Magnakai languishes beneath the deserts burning sands. News reaches the Kai Monastery of a sighting by Desert Wyvern of the book of the Magnakai it's self. Desert Wyvern tracked it down while investigating the workings of a dark desert cult and their ruined desert stronghold. A small battle force of Kai and a few of their allies are gathered and send into the burning sands of the south.

Little do they know they are walking into a trap Zagarna has concocted to further his destruction of the Kai! He feed false leads to the Kai drawing them in, the bait is a sorcerous copy of the book of the Magnakai produced by his followers, but anyone who pursues the lead will find themselves beset on all sides by the agents of the Darklords.

Let battle commence!
40. As part of Zagarna's plan to destroy the Kai he needs to drive them from the other lands of Maganamund and concentrate them in Sommerlund. To this end he's organised special teams to hunt down the Kai. These consist of small groups of Helghast, Nadziranim, Drakkarim Archers, Infantry and members of the assassins guild of Rhem. Their first task is to locate the Kai, and agents feed them leads on suspect Sommelending operating outside of the Lastlands. Secondly they will test the Kai lords identity by testing him. This may consist of wounding an innocent civilian in a city in the path of a Kai Lord to see if he provides healing assistance or driving an enraged beast into his path in the wilds to see if he can calm it using his powers.

If he passes the test the Darkland hunters will make their move if the Kai does not appear to have a magic weapon the Helghast will assault him in personal combat attacking him from some fair seeming form while the archers and Nadziranim attack him from a safe distance. The Drakkarim infantry will close of any points of escape or attack any allies to prevent their interference with the Kai's doom.

These tactics prove very successful and many Kai disappear without a trace. Kai masters seeking to protect their warriors withdraw lone Kai from the other lands of Magnamund and greatly reduce the number of missions carried out beyond Sommerlunds borders. So it comes to pass that by MS 5050 no Kai are operating beyond the borders of Sommerlund. A Last Zagarna can unleash the Black Muster and destroy the Kai!
Some thing with a Kanarli flavour. :)

41. The lord of the land where the adventurers are currently based has been struck down with a terrible disease the only cure is a rare herb only found in the Gurlu marshes.

42. The adventurers have been dispatched to the Gurlu Marshes to try and recover the eggs of a Ooslo bird a reward has been offered for the recovery of the eggs so that the young birds can be raised by hand and trained for use as mounts for scouts and messengers.

43. While in the swamp the adventurers come across many Shadakine hunters and the corpses of many dead Chaksu stripped of there hides. Should the adventurers intervene to save a Chasku they will find themselves approached by these gentle yet powerful reptilian creatures for aid. If they can help, they will have made powerful allies in the marshes.

44. Escaped slaves throw themselves at the adventurers mercy just as a group of Shadakine slave masters run them down. The party discovers that many slaves escape but either perish in the swamp of get captured on its edges. The challenge for the party is to discover safe havens for the escapees in the swamp and establish a network of volunteers to help the slaves win there way to freedom in the marshes.


The excavation of a tunnel beneath the city walls.

Setting up a smuggling operation to raise funds to buy the slaves their freedom.

Raids on Shadakine slave groups working in or being herded past the marshes.

Spy network within the city to provide intelligence.

Interfere with the channels running for Karnarli to the sea grounding slave ships.

45. Furious at the steady stream of escapes by slaves the Shadakine Warward orders a massive invasion of the Marshlands. Hundreds of Shadakine warriors and Magdi hounds pour into the wetlands determined to track down and destroy the growing freedom movement. Word reaches the adventurers of the horde of hunters heading into the wetlands. They must try to lead some kind of resistance to the assault after all they are the ones responsible for the slaves revolt.


Strike along the Shadakine lines drawing them away from the encampments giving time for those too weak to fight to be moved further into the swamp.

Hit and run raids as the Shadakine advance targeting the Magdi Hounds, perhaps with poisoned meat, to reduce the Shadakine ability to track in the swamp.

Draw the invasion forces into the deepest parts of the marsh and let the Swamp Giants deal with them.

Strike at Kanarli it's self to draw the Shadakine forces out of the swamp to defend the city.

Call upon the Chasku to strike in an allied effort.

46. After the failure of the military assault on the Gurlu Marshes the Shadakine Wytch who commands the city sends out terrible undead spirits into the marshes to slay any found living there. These dread creatures are Death Gaunts slow but eternal bringers of the long sleep. They move through he marshes uncontested, invulnerable hunting down the rebel slaves. The only hope is for the Adventurers to travel to the rain forest of the Azanam and bring back a great store of Azawood leaves. The smoke of these leaves is an anathema to the Death Gaunts and is the only defence that the rebels have. A race against time is on....
47. A renegade Kai Lord is attempting to create a monastery of their own in the Stornlands, deviating from the teachings of the order in a number of ways. A small party is sent to investigate, and to take whatever action they deem appropriate.

48. The Drodarin Dwarves are besieged from beneath - subterranean creatures are burrowing up into their fortresses. Legends of Bor tell of the great Drodarin hero Bayon who brought down a mountain on the dark god Kralm in ancient times, and the people are afraid this may be his vengeance. An epic quest takes a group through Magnamund to retrieve details of this hero and how he was able to defeat Kralm, culminating in the knowledge and components required to reforge the Hammer of Bayon.
49. The Grand Master of Tomes at the Magicians Guild of Toran has been wounded and poisoned after a group of Helghast managed to obtain access to the building. His condition has been partially stabilised using magic, but the infected wound has refused to heal completely. After a few days it is obvious that dark magics are at work, and that his condition is incurable by the means present at the guild, he has been given only one month to live without the proper treatment. The characters have been dispatched to Siyen by skyrider to retrieve the herbs necessary to cure the disease - the Grand Master is far too ill to survive the journey, and is constantly surrounded by senior mages using the Word of Restoration.

Unfortunately, the character's vessel is caught in a storm on the return journey, and is forced to land in Magador. They are immediately arrested by the authorities with no reason given, and their ship seized.

The ship may be in the process of being dismantled in an attempt to discover it's secrets when they manage to escape, leaving them with no apparent means of getting home in time to save the Grand Master...