Lore Spheres - Tweaking the Lore Circles to help Lone Wolf.


Okay, I love tinkering with the rules and I've come up with a way of putting Grand Master Lone Wolf on a par with any other Grand Master, especially if he is without the Sommerswerd.

I wanted a way for Original Stats Lone Wolf, after completing Books 1-12, to be able leave Sommerswerd in Safe Keeping and basically not die Books 13+. Say for example he didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands. Alternatively (this is even better as the method below increases his Initial scores) not only will the Sommerswerd's powers disappear forever if used by a normal man but also if it spills the blood of a normal man: Lone Wolf must only use Sommerswerd against the deadliest foes and resort to lesser Weapons against lesser enemies. So he can only use Sommerswerd against supernatural enemies like Tagazin, Chaos Master or any Undead, or powerful evil foes like Kimah, Barraka, Vonotar & Co., or the most lethal creatures like Xargath, Javek or Kalkoth. Say Sommerswerd's flames disappear and the blade glows dim when confronted by a normal Drakkar, Stornlands Bandit or Vassagonian Warhound so LW would know to sheathe it. Of course you could stick with the Korlinium Scabbard idea and say LW may only use Sommerswerd in the most desperate circumstances in ANY book to avoid drawing attention to himself.


Lore Spheres.
Initial CS & EP: In Books 1-12, Lone Wolf will roll RN+10CS and RN+20EP whereas Books 13+, any Grand Master will roll RN+25CS and RN+30EP. So basically the difference between a Grand Master and a lesser Kai is +15CS +10EP. The Lore Circles go some way to addressing this with a combined bonus of +5CS +11EP, I suggest tweaking the Lore Circles to instead give +15CS +10EP when complete.

Lore Circle of Fire* +2CS +0EP (Note previously +1CS +2EP)
Lore Circle of Solaris* +1CS +3EP (Unchanged)
Lore Circle of Light** +0CS +3EP (Unchanged)
Lore Circle of Spirit ** +4CS +4EP (Note previously +3CS +3EP, wanted to make Psi-surge more attractive)

* Lore Sphere of Skarn, when Lore Circles of Fire & Solaris Completed additional +4CS Bonus.
** Lore Sphere of Ikir when Lore Circles Light & Spirit both Completed additional +4CS Bonus.

So I've included a +4CS Bonus for completing two specific Lore Cricles together; which makes a Sphere. Alternatively you could go for a Lore Sphere Bonus based on the Completion of ANY Lore Circles together - Any Two Lore Circles Completed +2CS, Any Three Lore Circles +4CS or For All Four Lore Circles +8CS. If you want an explanation it can be argued the Lore Circle of Light part of the Sphere helps in Combat by indentifying weak spots, Fire provides faster reactions, Solaris maximises terrain tactics and Spirit grants precognition of attacks - only when combined with another Lore Circle do they give an actual numerical bonus.
It still gives the +8CS which, when added to the revised Lore Circle Bonuses give the +15CS +10EP.
{Sphere of Skarn +7CS +3EP Total Bonus (Individual Lore Circles & Sphere Bonus) plus Sphere of Ikir +8CS +7EP Total Bonus = +15CS +10EP}.

If you are REALLY desperate for Lone Wolf to equal another GM in Book 13, you could give the Kai Grand Defender a +3CS +6EP experience bonus for the three Ranks above Grand Master Senior.

For Multiplayer balance perhaps others gain +1CS/WP +1EP each rank above 10th (Spellcasters may choose either CS or WP).

Really curious to know what you others may think. It should give an edge to Kimah & Chaos Master fights, even with revised Mongoose stats, but not make LW too powerful before becoming a Grand Master (and making the journey from Grand Master to Supreme Master much easier). I like the idea of the Sphere of Skarn and Sphere of Ikir but now I think more about it I really, really like the +2CS any two Lore Circles, +4CS for three or +8CS for all four.

What do you think? Is it fair, is it too powerful? Does it make much difference?
Really, really appreciate your feedback!