101 NPC's



Quick question,

I've been on this board since the beginning but rarely post. Way back, right after the initial release of the Conan d20 game someone posted a list of pregenerated Npc's (about 50 in total) These were just names and one or two paragraphs in description, but I found them indespensible for quick creations of NPC's on the fly. My hard drive recently crashed and I lost the file. I went back through the forumn archives, but sofar have been unable to find it. Does anyone have that file, or know who to contact about it?

I've searched most d20 fan sites (including Scarlet-Blades wonderfull site), and still have come up short. Can anyone help?

Actually No,

The NPC writeups had no stats, they were just fictional character names and description, like "Murilo of Corinthia" with a paragraph or two on his background. They were created by a fan, whose name excapes me.

But Osric, thanks for the link anyway.
Duane :)
Maybe you're looking for this:


- thulsa
Thanks, thats exactly what i was looking for.