Yggdrasil is dying


Today, we’re divulging what the cosmos really looks like, as Yggdrasil is dying, and Midgard has been shrouded in an endless winter for far too long now. The author is Alison Cybe and we love what they came up with, as they managed to stay true to Norse mythology while updating the entire setting to a new, futuristic age with both cyberpunk and Viking-noir tropes.

Forget what you thought you knew, as Norse mythology only got the facts partly right: Yggdrasil is not a tree, but rather encompasses the entire cosmos. Created by the gods, the Bifrost network allows travel between the nine realms.

In ancient times, mortals believed that each of the realms was nestled in the branches of a single large tree. In fact, it was thought that only the gods themselves could traverse the broad limbs that, together, make up the cosmos. In time, humanity came to understand that the nine realms are not hanging from any branches, but rather exist in the cool vacuum of space. However, humans, gods and elves alike still share the same name for the cosmos: Yggdrasil, a vast expanse marked by a complete lack of air and a paralysing cold. Still, across this void, crafts sail on thermal sheets, while the gods themselves created the Bifrost network millennia ago, allowing faster-than-light travel from one realm to another. It is this universe that the Shield Maidens are trying to preserve, as Yggdrasil is dying, and time is most assuredly running out fast…