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Okay, I know everyone's pretty saturated with army lists, but I just got my box set, and I decided to try it like this:


8xCap Troopers with Sergeant, Morita Sniper, and Javelin

8xCap Troopers with Sergeant, Hel Flamer, and Triple Thudd.

I haven't really thought of roles yet, except that the flamer squad does fly-by, the javelin squad shoots the crap out of bugs, and that the NCO goes where he's needed. What are your opinions?
Looks like a good start to me. 2 squads, an NCO. Can't really beat that.

I've decided I want lots of WASPs, so I'm looking for a way to convert 1 of my 2 starters into WASP troopers. Some sort of simple jump pack or something.