Klendathu campaign - kinda long, no pics.


Operation Bughouse has started!
Here's the company I've finally landed with in the the DZ Bravo:

- Cougar Captain: rotary sixgun, sense presence, sniper

1st platoon:
- Grizzly Lt: twin Firestorm
- Grizzly NCO 1: twin Firestorm
- Grizzly NOC 2: twin firestorm
- Grizzly squad: sergeant (sixgun, lance, armourer), trooper (sixgun, lance), trooper (twin sixgun)
- Slingshot: Heavenly Mercy payload

2nd platoon:

- Pathfinder NCO: sense presence
- Pathfinder squad 1: Sergeant (armourer), 3 x Hel flamer, Javelin
- Pathfinder squad 2: Sergeant (armourer), 3 x Hel flamer, Javelin

3rd platoon:

- CAP Lietnant: trenchsweeper, sense presence
- CAP NCO 1: trenchsweeper
- CAP NCO 2: trenchsweeper
- CAP squad 1: sergeant (armourer), corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 4 moritas, frag grenades
- CAP squad 2: sergeant (armourer), corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 4 moritas, frag grenades
- CAP squad 3: sergeant (armourer), corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 4 moritas, frag grenades
- CAP squad 4: sergeant (armourer), corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 4 moritas, frag grenades

4th platoon:

LAMI Lieutnant: sense presence
LAMI NCO 1: morita rifle
LAMI NCO 2: morita rifle
LAMI squad 1: sergeant (armourer), corporal, reporter, 2x Longbow, 4 moritas
LAMI squad 2: sergeant (armourer), corporal, reporter, 2x Longbow, 4 moritas
LAMI squad 3: sergeant (armourer), corporal, reporter, 2x Morita Long, 7 moritas
LAMI squad 4: sergeant (armourer), corporal, reporter, 2x Morita Long, 2 moritas

Mission 1, Bridgehead.

We've decided to change the battle size to 2500 pts, just to have some more room to maneuver. For the opening I've decided to field:
- captain
- grizzly squad
- the slingshot
- path NCO
- path squad 1
- CAP squad 1
- LAMI squads 1 and 3

When it came to deploying them around the rolling hills we've decided to play among things started to look not so good - only the nest, 5-strong Rippler wing, single plasma bug and 4 tunnel markers. That means camouflaged entrances for sure, but where? This is the moment I've started to curse the decision not to take the neodogs for path sergeants...
Given the circumstances decided to deploy CAPs and Pathes on the flanks, exos in the centre and fill the gaps w/LAMIs, placing the Longbow squad as close to the plasma bug as possible.

Turn 1

Since it luckily turned out that the big bug is within the combined Longbow/Javelin range all launchers readied and fired at it, wounding it seriously (5 hits total), but not giving enough damage to lay it down. Sniper squad along with the NCO advanced, while the exos jumped forwards in order to gain some ground should the bugs hint as to where the entrances are.
In response plasma blast landed among the Longbow squad, reducing it to a sergeant (passed his dodge save) and Longbow trooper. (note to self: remember to spread out forces some more). Tunnel markers advanced, allowing me to more or less triangulate the expected area of camouflaged entrances (didn't like how close they were...), and by their speed betraying that at least some of them bear tankers... Ripplers flew in, prepping for an attack run on exos, but staying well clear of captains reaction range (5" after the roll to be exact). The Slingshot has landed, sending out medics to fix the melted troopers ("flow them into those tanks, and add some ice so they can cool down", or sth like that I suppose ^^ ).

Turn 2

Exos held the ground and peppered the ripplers with sixgun fire, downing four and pushing back the fifth, while surviving Longbow along with path launcher inflicted 3 further wounds on the Plasma. CAPs jumped forward, passing the hidden entrance area.
Plasma tried to target the Slingshot, but missed abysmally, while last Rippler hover-charged exos. Thanks to previous flinching it lacked the range though, and got ripped to shreds with sixgun fire. Tunnel markers continued the advance, while Slingshot continued its medical duty.

Turn 3

Given how close two of the markers were, exos fell back among the sniper squad just in case arachnids had some extra entrances (only the bug player knows how many markers he really has), both units prepping for reaction fire. CAPs jumped forward again, firing into one of the markers with little success (one "target" hit, and since I've rolled a "6" guess that a lone Warrior went down, was there any of them.). Longbow finished the Plasma with a nice kill score, while pathfinders moved slightly, trying to figure out from where would be best to greet the surfacing aliens.
In their turn bug did started to surface, revealing both camouflaged holes. One spew out five Warriors, all of them getting gunned down with the combined sixgun and Morita fire (sense presence is an usefull thing ^^). As it turned out warriors were mixed with workers, but all aliens carried the carrion bugs inside. Most irritating, if not for sixgun's piercing trait ^^
Second marker closed in to the same hole, while third exposed the second entrance - King Tanker and three Warriors. LAMis took care of a Warrior, then of another one as aliens tried to charge and again failed, talons scything mere inches before nearest troopers. King Tanker advanced aswell, soaking up some ineffective sniper fire.
Fourth marker tunneled up opening a new hole, but again, two of the five warriors fell to reaction fire.
Slingshot beeped, announcing that the mandatory landing time is over, and that it's going to liftoff the next turn.

Turn 4

Cougar captain took care of warrior accompanying the tanker, clearing the way for others, while the LAMIs cleared the second Warrior group. Exos and Pathfinders jumped up to the King, pouring the thing with lance and flamer fire, but with meager effect - only two wounds, both from flamers! CAPs joined in with grenades, with equally limited effect - then again the creature was at half hits already...
Entrances spew out some more Warriors (as it later turned out my opponent was afraid to surface remaining tankers, as it would give only 3 models total on table. Shows later he was wrong in the decision, but I won't complain about that ^^) most of them gunned down with reaction fire (sixguns! and moritas, all firing on extended reaction range thanks to officers), while the King charged exos. Wasn't a nice sight, not with 3 "kill" results and the entire squad going out of action in a matter of seconds... In second action King incinerated 3 CAPs, my only consolation was reaction fire taking it down to single hit.
Unmolested Slingshot took off, securing the recycling of at least some casualties ^^

Turn 5.

Last turn. LAMIs and captain take care of the few remaining Warriors, while CAPs and pathfinders finish off the beast.
Arachnids, with nothing to loose and not much to gain surface... a second King Tanker, and a normal Tanker, both accompanied by 3 Warriors. Again, placed between the holes men have easy time ripping off the aliens on reaction fire, and even wounding the tanker once. In return tankers manage to incinerate few more LAMIs within range before burrowing back - seems brains nearby decided enough is enough...

With the help of the Slingshot my casualties are down to some LAMIs, all powersuits and specialists are salvaged succesfully, meaning a sound victory of MI. Invasion starts well, but only in this particular place, and next time it won't be so easy - this time friend's conditioning from w40k saved me, he has learned well not to put few models against many, but guess he'll change it for the tankers. Guess that next game it'll be time for some NCOs with twin firestorms ^_^
Ya, it seems you got a bit lucky he didn't throw all the tankers at you at once. Good idea with the heavenly mercy though.
That was just one-time luck, as usually is with new toys. He got so used to losing characters and elites in w40k to massed guardsmen fire that he decided to send warrior-screen front, should both king tankers surface first, battle would turn out exactly opposite, should've taken the twin firestorms to the list.
And it was our first game with kings, as it turned out difference between 7+ and 8+ target is massive.
Sure it will continue - I didn't drop those troopers just to abandon them down there ;)

Mission 2 - Create Perimeter.

2.000 pts battle, MI list:

- Cougar cpt
- Grizzly NCO 1
- Pathfinder squad 1
- Slingshot
- CAP squad 1
- LAMI squads 1 and 2

Terrain: Rolling hills again. My men were tightly packed within that small square of a deployment zone, so was mighty glad I had the choice of first turn as I dreaded the effect of a plasma burst. Unneccesarily, as it turned out - bugs deployed 3 tunnel markers and... nothing else (camouflaged entrance again. Could've taken a doggie...)

Turn 1

With not much a choice to do decided to give the bugs the honour to start the battle. Two of the markers advanced, triangulating me an entrance near my zonebox and clearly hinting the third, passive one contains a Brain. In my turn firestorm sweeped the closer marker with rockets, wiping it out completely (two 5-strong warrior units as it turned out) due to the multihit effect and several "target" hits ^^
Rest of the army scattered a bit, expecting flank attack with alien reserve forces, while the Slingshot has landed in the middle of my deployment zone, awaiting the wounded.

Turn 2

Wasn't dissapointed with my expectations. Tunneling group uncovered the entrance, scything down a couple of LAMIs as they emerged and falling to massed morita and flamer fire (scratch one more LAMI to a firendly flamer...), while reserves turned out to be a pair of King Tankers, bearing down on the slingshot at full speed from east and west. Recycled Warriors accompanied one of them.
Pathfinders took care of newly encountered entrance, collapsing it succesfully, while LAMIs and the captain machinegunned the Warriors. Joined fire from the Firestorm grizzly and CAPs nearly took down one of the tankers (down to single hit), while the slingshot rested down for the medevac mission.

Turn 3

Last two Warriors accompanying the Tanker tried a charge, but before they closed in enough reaction fire disposed of them, carrion bugs yet again being of little help. Wounded tanker sprayed the CAPs with its spit, melting half the squad, while the second one, benefiting from brain coordination rushed further in, spraying the slingshot with it's spit. Recycled wariors moving in, but too far to be of significancy yet.
Return fire took CAPs, firestorm and the smaller LAMI squad to dispose of the dying Tanker, but it's retaliation claimed another two CAPs. Pathfindes with 2nd LAMI managed to score three hits on the second one. Captain has yet again slain few Warriors with sixgun bursts.
As the Slingshot was in pretty good shape (6 hits still) decided to leave it down to finish it's mission (was too keen on recycling my men as it turned out...)

Turn 4

A squad of recycled Warriors creates another entrance in the middle of the table, so next waves of aliens begin to tunnel in, avoiding surface fire now. Remaining tanker first spits on the slingshot, then ramms it, reducing the tender to a complete wreck!
Stimulated by the brain monster rushes to charge the pathfinders, but it's wounds start taking their toll (lost two more hits to reaction fire) and the only casualty is the path sergeant.
Captain gives a quick field-promotion, allowith pathes to finish off the lumbering beast.

From then on the battle goes downhill, total of 19 workers&warriors on their own are unable to reach the MI line due to heavy and long-ranged reaction fire, even with carrion bugs, pretty good hillcover and tunneling (quickly disposed with firestorm volleys, 1 volley = 1 less marker ^^ ). The only further casualties are three LAMIs (corporal, trooper and a FedRep), when two aliens do manage the near-impossible approach.
Brain tried an advance, but as soon as grizzly toasted it with firestorm volley (5 wounds... those babies do pack a punch ^^) it quickly scuttled away into the hills, where I wouldn't risk sending men towards the warriors.

All in all it was a sound victory again, but a costly one. And lack of the heavenly mercy took it's toll, so it will in the next two battles.
3rd battle, Rescue.

The General Retreat has been announced. While falling back centennians divert their course to help another company - but when they arrive at the scene their comrades are already overrun, only a single infantry squad hiding from the Arachnid forces.

Since I've still got plenty of men decided to mount a 3.000 pts battle.
Centennian list:

- Grizzly Lieutnant, twin Firestorm
- 2 x Grizzly NCO, both w/twin Firestorms
- both Pathfinder squads
- CAP squads 1, 2 and 3 (ok, 1st is hardly a squad, consists of Javelin brevet corporal and a Hel trooper only)
- LAMI lieutnant
- 2 x LAMI NCO
- both LAMI longbowmen squads (again, remnants more like: sergeant, reporter and 2 longbows and sergeant and 2 longbows)
- LAMI squad 3, the snipers

Target squad: took all 50 points of upgrades, 2 Morita longs and 4 extra troopers.

Terrain didn't change much, several hills and low shrub. Deployed Grizzlies, CAPs and both Longbowmen squads in a line, trying for as good firing lines as possible. Pathfinders with LAMI officers and the sniper squad were left in reserve, to enter from the flanks. Targt squad huddles within the bushes, waiting for reinforcements.
Bugs deploy impressively, 3 tankers, 2 King tankers, all poised onto my deployed men and shielding the Brain from any fire. Along with them 5-strong Hopper wing and 34 firefries - 4 six strong, 2 five strong units, three of them facing the LAMI remains.

Turn 1

Good thing the MI were to open up ^^ First volley worked just as 6 Firestorms, 4 Longbows and 3 Javelins should - all three tankers were down (grizzlies claimed 2 of them and wounded the third), and firecrackers fired from two longbows wiped out one 5-strong firefry group.
Bug response was equally impressive, Brain first erecting an enchanced shield around it, then squashing the weak-willed exo lieutnant (10:1 on the Rupture... ^^" ), then hoppers swooping on the grizzly NCO, tearing him to pieces and subsequently falling to CAPs and LAMI reaction fire. For bugs it was worth it for sure, and the action looked neat to watch ^^ Fries jumped left and right, melting the 3-strong longbowmen squad, the entire 2-strong CAP squad and a CAP trooper from another squad, losing 2 bugs to reaction fire.

Turn 2

Main line held position, clearing the place of the fries that were closing in and losing another CAP trooper to a fry charging on reaction. Remaining Longbowmen squad managed to wound one of the King tankers.
Then reserves charged from the flanks - Pathfindes jumped in with a LAMI NCO trotting along, slaying several fries with flamers, and losing half of the sergeantless squad to reaction charges. Target squad joined in, revealing themselves and nearly clearing the area of the small, but dangerous bugs. Meanwhile LAMI lieutnant found an opening between tanker bodies and hills, so used this opportunity to lead a valiant assault - himself, NCO and the sniper squad against the Brain. Massed Morita fire performed splendidly, and the opening volley took down the entire shield, wounding the Brain in effect.
Brain retaliated with it's powers, frying the NCO, and calling back the second King tanker as squads return fire reduced it to two wounds - lieutnant's sense presence talent took its toll :D . Still the lumbering beast was too far, and only managed to melt the brave lieutnant. Two fries remaining near the target squad charged, finishing off the 1st pathfinders, and diverted to the NCO, second fry dropping dead mere meters before the trooper valiantly helding his ground (only thing to do - was too slow to escape otherwise ^^).
The lightly wounded King advanced, but his spit only managed to force a passed save on one of the CAPs.

Turn 3

Target squad snipes down the Brain, efficiently paralising both tankers. Firestorm, CAPs, two longbowmen and Pathfinders together finish off the wounded King, while LAMI sniper's squad fire bounce off the second beast carapace.
The last bug on table fires it's spit on the LAMIs (for the bugs it's that or an inefficient move anyway), torching 4 troopers.

Turn 4 sees only an almighty volley almost rending the bug apart (7 wounds lost, including 3 Kills - pathfinder Reaver and 2 LAMI Holepunches ^^). Wounded bug fries a LAMI corporal in its action, but then pair of reaction fire Morita Long slugs put it off for good.

All in all that was exactly what I love in SST - two large forces quickly dealing with each other ^^ Massed Morita fire turned out to be the absolute Brainbane, even with it's 3+ cover save :D
And this time fries turned out to be much bigger threat than the Warriors, even with their lover kill treshold. Oh well, next time it'll be the retrieval, around the same size I reckon ^^
Yep, they're really awesome and great fun to read.

p.s. Don't you wanna try the new scenario in S&P37? :wink:
The beachhead is scheduled after my centennians, or rather what'll be left of them take off the Big K - can't leave my men stranded there, now can I? ;)
It'll be a nice 3.765 pts MI (rescued squad included) vs 4.000 pts bugs, the Retrieval scenario.

And we'll probably go for the beachhead with LAMIs (Black Cross maybe?) assaulting CAP positions, maybe with a Grizzly squad among the defenders for sheer hell of it. Looks worth even taking a day off to face this battle :D
4th battle, Retrieval

The company falls back towards a small plateau, the only place flat enough for retrieval boats to land on. However, the bugs are well aware of this fact aswell, and so close in fast...

This is what made it to the pickup point and eagerly waits for those boats to arrive:

Cougar Captain w/rotary sixgun

1st platoon:
Grizzly NCO 1: twin Firestorm
Grizzly squad: sergeant (sixgun, lance), trooper (sixgun, lance), trooper (twin sixgun)

2nd platoon:

Pathfinder NCO
Pathfinder squad 2: Sergeant, 3 x Hel flamer, Javelin

3rd platoon:

CAP NCO 1: trenchsweeper
CAP NCO 2: trenchsweeper
CAP squad 2: sergeant, corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 2 moritas, frag grenades
CAP squad 3: sergeant, corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 4 moritas, frag grenades
CAP squad 4: sergeant, corporal, Javelin, Hel flamer, 4 moritas, frag grenades

4th platoon:

LAMI NCO 2: morita rifle
LAMI squad 1: sergeant, reporter, 2x Longbow,
LAMI squad 3: sergeant, reporter, 2x Morita Long, 1 morita
LAMI squad 4: sergeant, corporal, reporter, 2x Morita Long, 2 moritas
LAMI rescued suad: sergeant, 2 x Morita Long, 9 troopers

Terrain is almost flat, with numerous boulders creating excellent cover for size 1 models.
Forced by size of the deployment zone MI start crowded, with artillery (firestorm grizzly, longbows and pathfinders) standing on the back of the formation.
Bugs however are even more crowded - with 3 plasmas, 2 King tankers, Brain, 45 firefries and 25 Ripplers the flyers are put on top of other bugs, just to fit in. Truly a living wave, rushing in towards the humans...

Turn 1

Plasma bugs open up, reducing the entire 2nd CAPs to molten slag, but luckily missing entirely with two other shots. Brain puts up the enchanced shield and attacks the cougar captain, but strong-willed officer fends off the hivemind easily, wounding the alien seriously (3:6, even with the bug rerolling its dice ^^). The rest of the swarm move/hover in, still too far to shots it's weapons.
With the mobile taken out of consideration (MI deployment zone is the only part of the table smooth enough for the boats to land) humans simply hold the ground they have to defend and blaze away.
Firestorms takes care of one plasma, javelins wounding the second. Combined morita, sixgun and longbow fire claims a whooping total of 14 ripplers and 7 firefries, pushing the front of the advancing carpet a bit back.

Turn 2

Again, a plasma volley. Still both shots aren't all that fazing, one exploding slightly off the MI position and only wounding the grizzly sergeant, the other scattering into the longbowmen position, claiming the LAMI sergeant and FedRep. Miraculously the affected longbowmen survives the experience... (2 x "1"!) Brain continues its mental assault and wounds the captain this time (9:8... If not for the re-roll, the brain would be history by now).
Then the slaughter begins - tankers, ripplers and firefries charge in as a uited, living wave, jets of flame intermingling with morita and sixgun fire, combatants falling left and right into whole heaps of bodies. As the smoke settles down a bit the entire Grizzly squad is no more, either torn apart or burned down, along with them CAPs (sergeant and a corporal included, one of the PVTs a casualty of friendly fire) and 9 LAMIs from the previously rescued squad. Still numerous reactions claim most of the smaller bugs, and that's helpful ^^
In response firestorm disposed of another plasma bug, reaver and holepunch missiles claim the other, while two firecrackers fired from the longbows dispose of the Brain's shield.
LAMI NCO trots in, promoting the sniper as a brevett leader, and both survivors of the LAMI squad face off three fries - they manage to shot two bugs before the remaining one rips the sniper apart, leaving only the lone female before it.

Turn 3

The remaining fry torches the LAMI NCO and charges that last trooper, although the bug's claws prove to be no match for the LAMI - nimbly avoiding the attack she puts several rounds into the alien's head, silencing it for good. It doesn't save her though, as she finds herself within the firezone of another firefry unit, this time falling to their attack. However she's the only casualty of this blast since the other 4 fries fail to hit their CAP targets and subsequently quickly succumb to reaction fire.
Tankers finding the remaining MI long off their range lumber slowly towards the humans, one of them still managing to catch a CAP NCO with it's spit. The brain wounds the firestorm NCO with the Rupture and then coordinates itself behind the plasmabug's corpse, to hide from the inevitable response.
Judging the situation Pathfinder NCO orders his small squad right onto the tanker, wounding it seriously with massed fire. Encouraged by this remaining CAPs and LAMIs join the efford, driving the beast down. Wounded captain lumps back behind the protective screen of LAMIs.
First Skyhook arrive, but after quick glance on the battlefield it doesn't head for the landing zone. Instead the boat moves in from the arachnid edge, minigunning the Brain into just one hit.

Turn 4

The second King closes in further, attacking the nearest target, the LAMIs, killing 4 of them. Brain tries to rupture the captain again, but the fights prolongs, giving the Skyhook pilot more time to minigun the bug into pieces (after the 8:8 draw bug player decided not to re-roll the dice). Massed fire takes care of the tanker, with commendations to LAMi snipers - with 8 shots they've managed to claim 3 wounds on the beast.

With no bugs on the table rest of the pickup goes smoothly, and since 2/3 of the MI force flies off the battle ends as a human victory. Though a narrow one, mind you - by about a 100 VPs only ^^

Well, Klendathu dissapears behind. We'll be back, obviously, and with better results next time, but for today it's time to lick wounds and rest.
Other than that I can see how I'll miss the numerous reactions in the future, this very thing taking care of many a rippler or firefry. Then again of most of the LAMI squad aswell, so there'll be some good things in it ^^

Next time it'll be the juicy beachhead scenario, but that will take a different force ^^
Fantastic reports. After reading the Klendathu Invasion, I had wondered if it was even possible for the MI to win anything.

Glad to hear they were as victorious as possible! As their CO, I hope you receive an appropriate commendation.
Umm... Got off the planet alive, and with a third of my men too (a very welcome bonus. Now just to think of a good next campaign for them... :) )I'd call it a massive victory, no matter what the FedNet says ^^
Although I've refused promotion - feel good at the company level, and as a major would get crushed under piles of paperwork. Not to mention that "captain" is my incompetence level ;)
Nice stuff Makoto, really good if you ask me.

Why won't you try out the Beachead scenario? Would make for a awsome report I think.
Thanks guys ^^

Like I mentioned, beachhead is scheduled already (playing it tomorrow as attacker), so the report will be posted soon ^^

It'll be CAPs and Pathfinders assaulting the LAMI positions, around 2.500 pts, so guess there will be some heavy firefight to write about :D
As promised, the Beachhead :)

We went for minimal upgrades, no traits - straight fire- and manpower :) And to keep the "movie-like" climate all the attacker specialists (snipers and derringer operators) were given the "independent" trait, just so they could provide support fire while rest of the squad would advance.


2nd platoon, 4th Company:

2 CAP NCOs w/Morita rifles
4 CAP squads: sergeant, corporal, 2 x Morita Long, 1 x derringer microsupport platform, 3 troopers w/Morita rifles

Batalion independent support, Pathfinder platoon (all troopers with Drop Capsules):

Pathfinder Lieutnant w/Morita rifle
2 Pathfinder squads: sergeant, corporal, 3 Shredders, 3 troopers w/Morita rifles

Just not to bother with a point or two (or fifteen... ^^ ) of the force quarters the attack waves will go as follows:

1st turn: CAP squad w/an NCO
2nd turn: CAP squad, air-inserted Pathfinder squad w/the lieutnant
3rd turn: CAP squad, air-inserted Pathfinder squad
4th turn: CAP squad w/an NCO


A rag-tag force the local militia could muster, or so the briefing said...

LAMI lieutnant w/Morita rifle
2 LAMI NCOs w/Morita rifles
7 LAMI squads: sergeant, corporal, 2 Morita Longs, 7 men w/Moritas, priest ("by the book" it was a FedRep, but the priest idea fit better with the militia climate ^^ )
2 LAMI squads: sergeant, corporal, 2 Longbows, 5 men w/Moritas, priest
8 Reliant twin-fifty emplacements

Turn 1

As the ground draw nearer troops noticed the terrain and defenders - militiamen deployed in three lines, NCO and 4 squads w/ snipers and a Reliant each forming front line dug in at the base of a large hill, 3 sniper squads with further 2 Reliants and another NCO as a second line dug in at about half the slope, both Longbow squads with the lieutnant and remaining 2 Reliants manning top of the hill. Unsurprisingly, they were dug in too. Unfortunately the dugouts were formed so they offered no cover at all from the uphill, seemed like the militia wasn't as inexperienced and stupid, and certainly not as weak as the briefing suggested. Yet another one for the SICON Inteligence...
Unable to hurry up their comrades nor to call for more reinforcements first group of CAPs touched down among several shallow craters and bits of barbed wire, specialists crouching for cover and doing their best to suppress as many defenders as they could with meagre means, while the rest of the squad advanced, firing short bursts that were more encouraging that efficient in the face of such odds. Still lack of powersuits and proper combat experience was apparent, as one of defending squads got reduced to lone corporal.
Response was almost immediate, twin-fifties and Morita fire tearing the advancing troopers to pieces and incapacitating covered specialists. Meanwhile surviving LAMi corporal manned the heavy machinegun emplacement.

Turn 2

Second CAP squad has landed, adopting the very same tactics, trying to reach the trench line. Results are more or less the same, another LAMI squad gets mauled, with NCO being among casualties, while LAMI response anihillates the CAP troopers with sheer number of shots. In the Air phase capsules with Pathfinder land in perfect formation on top of the hill, surprising the defenders.

Turn 3

Pathfinders open up on one of the Longbow squads, trading men in a firefight. They manage to slay 9 men (sergeant lives through 3 hits - must've modified his raider vest somehow ;) ) before dissapearing under heavy reaction fire from hilltop and second line.
Third CAP squad lands entirely within a crater and trades fire with an untouched LAMI squad, cutting them down to the man. Soon after they disappear under avalanche of fire, only one sniper emerging wounded, but still battle-ready (he has passed 5 saves, including 3 from twin fifties... A testament to the powerarmour ^^ )
Second Pathfinder squad lands as neatly as the first, and in the very same place.

Turn 4

Using their comrade's bodies as a cover pathfinders fire at the closest squad below, massacring it to just three men. Lucky reaction shot claims a pathfinder, but the rest of the squad splits fire - one shredder taking care of that three men below, the other finally silencing the LAMI sergeant (3 hits, 2 saves... He really was a tough nut to crack...), while rest of the squad snaps fire at the second longbow squad, three men felling prey to the fire.
4th CAPs land, and the NCO accompanying them makes the only sensible decision - lacking targets within range he leads the sprint toward the trenchline, while all three snipers do their best to cover them. With remarkable results, as they manage to claim 4 kills, one LAMI saved by her armour, meagre as it is.
Again, response fire massacres advancing CAPs, and puts down a sniper down.
Firefight between longbowmen and pathfinders is pretty bloody one, thanks to prolonged reaction range. Still trading 6 LAMIs for 2 pathfinders doesn't do any good for the odds...

Turn 5

By now the landing is a complete failure - there's just two CAP snipers covering 2 advancing CAPs and a sergeant, 3 path shredders, corporal and two troopers, and most of the LAMis still hold their ground.
This however doesn't discourage the MI finest, and combat continues...
Snipers still do their best to suppress the defenders, claiming an NCO and two troopers, morita troopers kneel down, killing a handfull more LAMIs while pathes blaze away from their position, disposing of the longbow squad, but failing to incapacitate the lieutnant. This is all that they can do, as soon after LAMIs drown them in an avalanche of fire, causing about 30 hits on the squad...
Fate of the CAPs is just as quick, sniper and three troopers sniped off with reliant bursts, the last sniper assaulted by two LAMI squads. He did manage to snipe off another trooper, but that changed nothing...

All in all a lot of shooting and heaps of bodies. Nobody had any hopes about the result, but still... should've jumped those 4th CAPs, would throw in a handfull of extra dices then and claim a few more LAMIs. No effect on the overall result, but would rack up the bodycount ^^ Instead decided to play it safe, forgetting it's a wrong scenario for such approach! ^^
Very fun game though, Matt had yet another brilliant idea :D
Hoo-ah! Now that's what I call A FIREFIGHT!

Let's bag 'em and tag 'em!

Really nice! I'd love to see some pics to this. It'd make just awsome!
Would like some pics too, just as soon as I can save some $ for a camera. And that's not too soon, given that NCOs and Lts can mount the Bigfoots now (guess what the next upgrade for my CAPs is... ;) ), and I've also got some plans towards the LAMi horde aswell...

those were excellent battle reports! i was sitting here in front of the MAC and making buttonholes in my seat cushion during each one!

Kinda resurrecting the thread, but thought it isn't worth to create a new one for a continuation ^^

After flying off Klendathu men and women from the Locust company descent on Gorlith.
So without much ado:

Scenario 1, Insertion

Since I went for my veteran troopers the 800 pts list goes as follows:

1st Pathfinder: Javelin trooper (squad leader, fire king trait), 3 flamer troopers
2nd CAP squad: Javelin trooper (sniper trait)
3rd CAP squad: sergeant (armourer, daredevil, fire king traits), CAP trooper w/veteran trait, flamer, Javelin, derringer microsupport, 1 CAP trooper w/Morita rifle
CAP NCO: cougar suit, sense presence, warning, stay sharp, true grit, armourer traits.

Turn 1

Scenario conditions don't allow too much, so I just observe six tunneling markers moving towards my deployment zone, then land my men, scattering them around available cover and waiting for inevitable attack.

Turn 2

Arachnids close-in pretty much, one of the markers readying for the digup. My troops jump away, pathfinders firing their flamers and a holepunch missile (no, not going to dig them up by myself ^^) in mid-jump, managing to kill 2 warriors.

Turn 3

Arachnids dig 3 holes, spewing 15 warriors to the surface. CAP 3 reacts to two of them, pathfinders able to catch the third group. All with pretty good efficiency, dropping 9 of them despite the carrion bugs. Two surviving bugs are able to charge and so they do, scything down a CAP trooper and almost managing to nail the sergeant, who dodged nevertheless. Response fire takes care of both aliens, and soon after CAPs clear the surface, while pathfinders pour fire down the hole, frying 4 more bugs.

Turn 4

More workers and warriors emerge, taking serious loses to the reaction fire. Next to pathfinders a group of blisters surface, three dropping down to opportunity shots, two others managing to melt one of the humans and get torched immediattely. In response humans rack up the bodycount to 23 aliens, exceeding 50% and sending the bugs back down the tunnels. Now to retrieve that wounded...

Scenario 2, search and rescue. Well, rescue and breakthrough to be exact ;)

MI: survivors of the previous scenario, strenghtened by a Grizzlie Lt w/twin Firestorm.

Turn 1

MI formed a small semicircle around the lieutnant and the wounded LAMI, facing incoming bug swarm - handful of controls, battleline of 12 blasters and warrior swarm behind. Incoming swarm had its front ranks decimated with morita, firecracker and firestorm volleys, loses going mostly on the shooty bugs and controls.

Turn 2

Both forces close in on themselves, but after taking heavy loses only one blaster manages to shot, seasoned CAP saved by his armour. Surviving Warriors lack the speed to charge, but more of them advance into the canyon (endless tide. Just perfect for the scenario...)

Turn 3

Knowing time is against them lt jumps straight towards the mouth of the canyon, hurrying the men along. More aliens fall to the short bursts and fragmentation rockets, but still they come on, intent on burying the rescue squad under heaps of bodies.

Turn 4

Lt jumps off the canyon, Pathfinders close behind, CAPs little to the back. As Thinderbolt fighters and a pair of Skyhooks are seen most of the swarm dissapears under the ground, but a large group of Warriors just ignore the incoming ships and relentlessly drive on (yup, moved the field and scattered about 30 Warriors among the rocks).

Turn 5

Seeing the cavalry coming troopers form up into a defensive square, blazing away at closest bugs. One of them still manages to wound a pathfinder in its deaththroes, but slashed forearm wasn't enough to bring the trooper down (rolled 5 on armour save). Fighters and boats fall in, quickly disposing of the closest bugs.
At this moment remaining Warriors follow the rest of the horde and dissapear, as Brain decides there's no chance of getting within a clawreach of the humans for a sensible cost.