Will Save Problems

Bloody Malth

Although it has been suggested elsewhere (and well argued) that the Scholar can be a broken class, it's can be pretty difficult to affect some one when they get a will save; anyone with a code of honor gets a +3 will save, and followers of the 'nice' religions (religions with the Faith benefit), get a +2 to will save. This gives a +5 bonus to Will to quite a few people, and even the scholar's magic attack bonus has a slower progression than his will saving throw.

Has anyone else had a problem with this?
i see your problem...

the scholar can "enhance" his magical attack bonus roll with his charisma bonus and some feats (improved evil eye for example) to counter that.

another point is...not every man or woman on hyboria follows a code of honor! i think most of the "bad guys" won't follow any code of honor (unless their will be the code of evil that says "do what the hell you want" :) ).

so..i never had this kind of problem....my players are not the types that attack some mitra temple or plunder a monastery.