White Star Targeting System


In the series you often see the Gunners on the White Stars with visors attached to their heads. My thought was that this was some form of nifty targeting system. The Minbari Fact Book mentions a certain technology called the Trioptic Visor. This little device has some very interesting properties concerning combat.

Have the White Stars employed this into their targeting systems? Mind you I’m merely guessing from what I have seen as no one on the show specifically mentions these visors. If they are Trioptic Visors though, does this mean that the White Star gains the benefits of them when engaging enemy targets? IE +1 to Spot/Search checks, ignore the first three range bracket penalties, and the ability to ignore the Agility bonus of their target if the White Star makes a full attack action to make one attack. If so, then “HOLY COW!” I am going to have to play test with this one and see what it does for the White Star. It will obviously make it a VERY potent sharpshooter.

Has anyone else noticed this, and if so, have you tried playtesting it to see how it works?